People of Color in Independent Schools

People of Color in Independent Schools (POCIS) is an organization that supports Country Day’s key value and commitment to live as an authentic and inclusive community.

POCIS embraces the active, continual process of assessing and reassessing how the community can holistically evolve to become a more inclusive community. POCIS seeks opportunities to support and strengthen our community, ensuring full participation and inclusion for everyone. 

POCIS at Country Day

Who are POCIS members?

POCIS members are Country Day parents, students, faculty, and staff interested in helping fulfill our mission and affirmation of community. POCIS members believe diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism are endemic to quality education for all.


POCIS believes the diverse cultures, languages, knowledge, and insights of people of color contribute significantly to creating an inclusive and affirming institution.

Is POCIS only for people of color?

Absolutely not! POCIS is about the strength of diversity and inclusion. By definition, inclusion means to support everyone. This organization is focused on sustaining a community diverse in membership. The full strength of this organization will be realized when its makeup is representative of all cultures represented at the school.

Why is the work of POCIS important to Country Day?

It is easy in a large school setting for underrepresented families to feel a bit isolated and less connected. POCIS understands that meaningful and genuine relationships are key in building lasting bonds and those bonds allow for the community to work through issues as they arise.

An organization such as POCIS is very important and powerful because of the shared commitment and diversity of skill set brought together on behalf of the entire school. We have the best opportunity and an invested commitment to the school to raise cultural awareness and recommend opportunities to improve. It is important to model leadership for our students and contribute to the strength of our school.

What does POCIS hope to accomplish?

  • POCIS supports increasing the diversity of Country Day at the student, faculty, administration, and board levels. POCIS supports a school climate in which the academic and social well-being of all students and adults of color is assured.
  • POCIS also seeks to provide a forum that promotes dialogue among all Country Day parents, students, faculty, and staff, regardless of their cultural background.
  • POCIS wants to be an indispensable arm of the school that helps to affirm community and identify new diversity and inclusion issues. Each year, the organization will identify a place to make a meaningful contribution to the overall school mission and focus on accomplishing that mission.

“We let parents know there is support as you navigate through the different facets of independent school life. ”DR. LISA TOPPIN, POCIS MEMBER

HOw to get involved

POCIS has Parents’ Association representatives at each division of the school who can answer your questions and share how you can get involved and support advancing diversity and inclusion at Country Day.

2019-20 POCIS Representatives

Chair: Raquel Tillman  | E-mail
Lower School: Ayo Fagade | E-mail
Middle School: Domina Blount  | E-mail
Upper School: Mia Floyd  | E-mail

For questions or to request more information about POCIS, please contact the Office of Diversity Planning.