Faculty Involvement

Country Day has established and comprised a team of faculty who have embraced the challenge of leading their peers in our diversity and inclusion efforts. Our Diversity Planning teams and coordinators cultivate in each division an environment that is welcoming and supportive of all students and faculty. 

The primary role of our Diversity Planning Divisional Coordinators and teams is to work as facilitators for activities and events that help to create a truly inclusive environment. They assist in the planning of various faculty, student, and parent diversity/inclusion activities, such as assemblies, guest speakers, and classroom and advisory activities within their respective divisions.

We, as a school, and each of us in our respective positions, have made a promise to our students and their families to be responsible for respecting, affirming, and protecting the dignity and worth of each individual.

Diversity Training

At Country Day, every teacher must have a minimum of 10 hours of diversity and inclusion training for each of their continuing/ongoing education cycles. This professional development training helps achieve the following:

  • Grounds faculty in the realities of a multicultural society.
  • Provides a system for faculty to develop intercultural skills and competencies necessary for diverse communities.
  • Develops the capability and capacity of faculty to accurately understand and adapt behavior to cultural difference and commonality.