2018–19 Country Day Fund Volunteers

Thank You!

More than 150 volunteers dedicate their time and commitment to the school's top giving priority—the Country Day Fund. Through their leadership, perspective, and personal outreach efforts, Country Day Fund volunteers help raise over $2.2 million of critical unrestricted funding annually.

18-19 Country Day Fund volunteers

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Cleven

Campaign Co-Chairs

Mr. Joseph W. Beach and Ms. Susannah M. Beach



Mr. and Mrs. Alex D. Funderburg, Chair
Mr. Joseph W. Beach
Mr. Jonathan D. Dixon '98
Mr. Ronald E. Eliasek Jr.
Mr. Joshua B. Levine '91
Mr. Steven P. Sasz
Mrs. Jennifer J. Ward   

Current Parents

Ms. Susannah M. Beach, Co-Chair
Mrs. Parker D. Shuford, Co-Chair

Lower School Division

Mrs. Rebecca R. Bush, Chair
Mrs. Lindsay P. Bateman
Mr. T. Jason Bush
Mrs. Kimberly Heilman
Dr. Whitney L. Lane
Mr. Jonathan S. Liles
Mrs. Kara L. Olsen
Mr. Richard E. Paolini and Ms. Beth Arentsen
Mrs. Carrie Wornall Sexton '96
Mr. Thomas C. Worth III

Middle School Division

Mrs. Melissa Gibson Estes '86, Chair
Mrs. Amy S. Augustine
Mrs. Katherine Mattocks Bray '87
Dr. Lauren I. Browne
Mr. W. Fairfax Cooper '85
Mr. Bryan H. Estes
Dr. Kimmery M. Fleischli
Mr. William T. Grasty '88
Mrs. Elizabeth Downs McIntyre '83
Mrs. Cecelia W. McNorrill
Mr. Daniel W. Oxenham
Mrs. Debra S. Porter
Mr. Patrick L. Ridinger
Mr. Stephenson P. Shuford
Ms. Mary Henderson Whittaker '85   

Upper School Division

Mrs. Kristin M. Foster, Chair
Mrs. Erin Saussy Allen '93
Mrs. Kimberly L. Bowman
Mrs. Angela Calamia
Mrs. Courtney L. C. Eliasek
Mrs. Ellen Holland
Ms. Shirley L. Kosmicki
Mr. Mark B. Ladley '85
Mr. James F. McPhilliamy
Dr. Krista Schwabacher Morris '89
Mr. G. Garrett Moseley
Mr. Joseph C. Peterson Jr.
Mrs. Marion C. Shields

Senior Parents

Mrs. Katherine C. Beltz, Co-Chair
Mrs. Leigh B. Bowles, Co-Chair
Mrs. Lauren Johns Batten
Mr. John E. Beltz
Mrs. Lauren S. Benson
Mrs. Laura W. Bynum
Mrs. Ansley Bost Calhoun '83
Ms. Kara P. Campbell
Ms. Katherine A. Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Grant A. Harbrecht
Mrs. Catherine B. Jeffries
Mrs. Risa B. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick C. Riley
Mrs. Corinne Ryan
Mr. W. Wescot Waters II '90

New Parents

Mr. and Mrs. Derek D. Thomas, Co-Chairs
Mrs. Ashley T. Barton
Dr. Nan Ding
Ms. Angela D. Drakeford
Mrs. Daoxin Lu
Mr. George I. McLanahan '96
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Monteith
Mrs. Amy E. Schaaf
Mrs. Stacey S. Slomka
Mrs. Aynsley B. Spencer
Mr. Matthew W. Wakefield '93  


Mr. Samuel B. Hood '96, Co-Chair
Mr. Matthew D. McAulay '01, Co-Chair
Mr. Frank C. Adams '06
Mrs. Robin Branstrom Adams '06
Mr. Matthew P. Cochrane '98
Mr. W. Lee Cornwell '03
Mr. David W. D'Alessandro '10
Ms. Jennifer D. Dixon '95
Mr. Benjamin S. Dobson '99
Mr. J. Grant Gilbert '02
Mrs. Paige Ierardi Johnson '01
Mrs. Allison Cornwell Moss '99
Mr. Charles I. Mothershead IV '03
Mr. Dennis J. Park '96
Mrs. Lee Norelli Pedersen '04
Mr. G. D'Angelo Rankin '93
Mr. M. Adam Russ '03
Mrs. Rebecca Adams Starrs '09
Mr. John L. Stevenson '06
Mrs. Laurens Adams Threlkeld '04
Mr. J. Daniel Vaughan III '04 and Mrs. Kennedy Hayes Vaughan '04
Mrs. Caroline McGuire Winslett '04


Mr. and Mrs. John D. Chalk III, Co-Chairs
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Browning
Mr. and Mrs. O. Pendleton Cassels Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Cornwell 
Dr. and Mrs. E. Flynn Harris, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Neill G. McBryde
Mr. and Mrs. M. William McCollum Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. C. Scott McLanahan 
Dr. and Mrs. Russell A. Salton III 
Mr. and Mrs. James Smith Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Tarwater 
Mr. and Mrs. F. Abbott Whitney Jr.

Parents of Alumni

Mr. David J. Howe Sr. '78 and Mrs. Frances Howey Howe '80, Co-Chairs
Janet Dalton Dickinson
Mrs. Amanda R. Dunn
Mrs. Katherine C. Early
Mr. David K. Finby           
Mrs. Anne Pender Griffith '77
Mrs. Sheryl P. Mayberry
Mrs. Jane V. Merlo
Mrs. Laura Pitts
Mrs. Lori A. Siman
Mrs. Ellen T. Verdone
Mrs. Laurie Wilson


Ms. Katherine B. Nims, Lower School
Mr. John P. Feliciano, Middle School
Mr. Michael E. Roark, Upper School
Mrs. Katherine M. Rodgers, Staff

Aside from our Board of Trustees there is no other volunteer group in this school that impacts every single aspect of the school in the way that our Country Day Fund volunteers do—from supporting teachers to supporting students to helping us in every aspect of our budget—we are grateful.

Mark Reed, Head of School


If you have questions about the Country Day Fund or would like to volunteer, please contact:
Merrill Mills
Director of the Country Day Fund
(704) 943-4540 | E-mail