COVID-19 Safety Procedures

Keeping Our Campers & Staff Safe


  • Social Distancing: All campers are expected to observe social distancing protocol at all times.
  • Enrollment:
    o    General Camps are capped at 10 students to ensure proper social distancing while in classrooms.
    o    Some high school classes are capped at 20 (two classrooms, two teachers).
    o    Some Athletic camps are capped at 20 since they operate in a larger space (and mainly outdoors) and have two teachers/coaches.
  • Cleaning protocol: Classrooms, equipment, furniture, and any other materials students come into contact with will be deep cleaned and disinfected every afternoon after camp in preparation for the next day's class. As a result, no afternoon camps or care program will be offered. 
  • Water/Snacks: Students must bring their own water bottles and snacks to camp daily. Please clearly label the water bottle with your child’s name.
  • Break: Campers will be given a 15-minute break each day and will go outdoors, but they will be asked to stay with the teacher. Play will be individualized to adhere to social distancing guidelines and playground equipment for recess will be limited. 
  • Absences: To ensure safety of our campers, please e-mail the Summer Programs office if your child will be absent due to illness or not feeling well that day. 
  • Information Prior to Attending Camp: Parents of registered campers can expect to receive important detailed information regarding expectations a week prior to the start of camp.
  • Bus Service: To ensure social distancing, no bus service will be offered this summer.


Country Day will follow the Health and Safety protocols set by the CDC, Governor of North Carolina, and Department of Health and Human Services. These guidelines will be updated as necessary to reflect the most current recommendations.

  • Masks: Students will be given one mask on the first day of camp, which is to be worn every day while attending camp. Parents are asked to ensure the mask is clean daily.
    o    Masks should not to be worn during athletic activities, but should be worn during classroom activity, chatting, and listening times of camp, as well as when campers check in and at carpool areas.
  • Temperature Check:
    o    Please take your child’s temperature each day prior to arriving on campus and record it on the “Temperature Check Sheet” (which will be provided prior to attending camp).
    o    Camp personnel will also take their own temperature, in addition to each student as they arrive on campus daily.
    o    If your child’s temperature is 100.4 F or higher, they are asked to stay home or parents will be called to pick up their child from camp.
  • Hand washing: All camp participants must wash their hands frequently and will be taken to a specific rest room for their class to use the facilities. 
    o    Hand sanitizer is located at every building entrance. Students are asked to sanitize their hands prior to entering the building.
  • Teachers will use gloves and will have disinfecting wipes and/or spray for use during class as needed.
  • A nurse/athletic trainer will be on campus at all times while camps are in session.
In Case of Illness
  • Any student who becomes ill while on campus will be assessed by the nurse/athletic trainer, and will be isolated from others until the child is picked up by a parent.
  • An individual with ANY symptoms of illness should not report to campus until: 
    o    They are fever free for 72 hours without the use of fever-reducing medicine, AND
    o    Other symptoms have improved, AND
    o    At least 10 days have passed since the first symptom


  • To ensure safety, campers are to be dropped off at camp in the carpool line only. Parents and others in the car not attending camp are asked to remain in their car at all times
  • Carpool will begin at 8:30 am to accommodate the different stations parents will stop at prior to students exiting the car and being assisted by teachers. Please observe all carpool signs so everyone can remain safe and traffic can move smoothly.
  • Location of classes in the carpool line will be social distanced in keeping with our safety procedures of the CDC, the Governor of North Carolina, and the Department of Health and Human Services.
  • After camp, students are expected to be picked up in the carpool line. Please do not park to pick-up your child. Staff will assist campers into cars. 
  • After your child gets into the car, please drive the short distance to the Buckle-Up Station to buckle your child’s seat belt prior to leaving campus. Please do not get out of the car in the carpool line.
  • Please remember to bring your camper’s Temperature Check Sheet.
  • Carpool Sign: Prior to the first day of camp, parents will receive a carpool sign. Please write your child’s name and camp attending and place the sign in your windshield clearly displayed every time you come to campus.
  • Please note: for the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff, visitors are not allowed on campus at this time, other than dropping campers off for summer programs. Thank you for your understanding.


Beverley Johnson, Director of Summer Programs 
E-mail | (704) 943-4648