What is the Middle School Spotlight Challenge?
Posted 05/03/2018 08:00AM

The Middle School's annual Spotlight Challenge allows students to learn more about issues, passions, and ideas that are important to them as individuals. Once they have chosen an issue, students design their own oral presentation to deliver in front of their classroom peers, with the strongest presentations moving on to grade-level and school-wide competitions.

Congratulations to this year's winner, sixth-grader Ellie Wilkins, and finalists:

  • Grant Gardner, 5th grade
  • Luke Gilbert, 8th grade
  • Evie Levine, 6th grade
  • Winslow McNorrill, 7th grade
  • Ellis Morris, 7th grade
  • Hudson Rixham, 8th grade
  • Chloe Saxonhouse, 5th grade


"The Spotlight Challenge provides an authentic opportunity for students to practice and refine research, writing, and public speaking skills while being empowered to discover how they can bring about a positive change in their community," says Kasey Short, sixth grade Language Arts/Social Studies department head and teacher. "The students begin by reflecting on their own passions and strengths to help them decide what topic they would like to spotlight for their peers. They conduct research and then craft a speech that highlights the issue, explains the solution, and calls their peers to join them to take action." 

Ellie's presentation was about how difficult it is for the homeless community to access healthy food and her ideas on how to resolve the issue. Read her speech here.
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