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What Are 'Special Area' Classes Exactly?
Posted 04/25/2017 11:00AM

What are "special area classes" exactly? To us, they're not "extras," but an essential part of a rich educational experience. These specials provide an opportunity for our children to experience a diverse range of classes, discover their own passions and interests, and express themselves creatively.

I also love how these classes allow our children to see one another in different contexts and appreciate the different strengths and talents each of their classmates brings to the community. Here are a few highlights of the program:

  • Daily PE: We all know that children need to run, play, and MOVE in order to do their best learning, and our PE program does just that… every single day!

  • The Fine Arts Department: Our teachers make the arts sing at Country Day, and our students get the chance to get messy, take risks, tap into their own creativity, and explore a wide range of artistic pursuits: singing, dancing, playing instruments, weaving, sculpting, drawing, painting, acting, and so much more!

  • Science: Our science program taps into our children's curiosity about the world and gives them opportunities to learn in hands-on, engaging, fun ways. This year alone, our children designed/printed 3-D models, corresponded with astronauts in space, took care of our organic gardens, built robots, and made paper from scratch. With a program like that, who wouldn't want to roll up their sleeves and dive right in?

  • Languages: Learning a new language is such a gift! Once you learn a second language (in our case French and Spanish), it's so much easier to layer on additional ones…which opens up endless possibilities in our increasingly shrinking world. Research also shows that language learning makes children more culturally competent, more empathetic, and— interestingly—stronger math students!

  • Computer/Design & Engineering: Nowadays, coding is being increasingly seen as a fourth literacy, and Country Day is ahead of the curve. Our computer science curriculum equips our children to thrive in their world. From coding and design/engineering to media literacy and digital citizenship, our technology team is equipping our children with the skills and mindsets to thrive in their digital worlds.

  • Library: No educational experience is complete without piles and piles of well-loved books, and our librarians make it their mission to help every child have rich, joyful reading lives. Our librarians have so many resources, book lists, and tools at their fingertips to support our parents.

Adele Paynter
Head of Lower School

Charlotte Country Day School
1440 Carmel Rd Road, Charlotte,
NC North Carolina 28226
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