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At Country Day, a deep and varied international travel program offers Middle and Upper School students the chance to participate in global service, academic, and cultural immersion experiences on five continents. Explore the opportunities that await our students.

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Charlotte, North Carolina

At Country Day, global mindedness is about far more than travel. It's about building bridges and providing students with opportunities to embrace other people, cultures, and places. Our curriculum is infused with connection-making opportunities.

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Quebec, Canada

Sixth-grade students experience French-Canadian culture, interact with peers, and attend Quebec's world famous Winter Carnival in North America's oldest walled city.


Sixth graders were hosted by a family in Los Cabos, enjoying Mexican culture through school and family life in the rich natural habitat of the Baja Peninsula.

Costa Rica

Seventh-grade students taking Spanish immerse themselves in the language and culture of Costa Rica through a homestay in San José and discover the rich biodiversity of this beautiful country.


Students experienced Latin American culture through a homestay and cultural visits while also traveling to Peru to walk the Inca Trail and climb to one of the seven Wonders of the World.

London Arts and Theater

Students take in London's rich historical, literary, and artistic history by day, while enjoying fine drama at night.


Upper School students connected with a student in Charlotte's sister city, Krefeld, through homestay, and absorbed German culture while exploring the country's rich history.

England Creative Arts

Eighth graders cultivate their talents, through mentorship in a British School, while being inspired by the culture and history of England and making connections with their Southampton host family.


Upper School students immersed themselves in French culture while hosted by a family in Nantes. For two weeks in Southern Brittany, students enjoyed French school life, food, history, and language.

Paths To Peace

Middle School students participate in a Model United Nations Conference in Paris while also exploring European sites significant to understanding peacemaking efforts throughout the past century.

Italy Arts

Through the Italy Artist in Residence program, Upper School students enjoyed in-depth artistic expression and art appreciation in the medieval Tuscan village of Cortona.

Rome, Italy

Middle School students are exposed to rich cultural roots of the Latin language through an exploration of Ancient Rome sites in Italy. They discover art and architecture first-hand and imagine what it was like to live in Ancient Rome.

Turkey and Greece

Upper School students take in ancient wonders and modern influences as they cross between two cultures linked though rich historical ties, yet challenged by modern political differences.


Upper School students are exposed to the rich North African traditions as they travel across Saharan sands and rugged mountains, through winding markets, and cities steeped in history.

South Africa

Upper School students confronted the complexity of life in post-Apartheid South Africa while contributing to the growth of a small township village through educational service initiatives.

China Exchange

Upper School students encounter one of the world's oldest civilizations through homestay experiences, culinary explorations, and exposure to a wide range of man-made and natural wonders.

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