Science Outreach Program

Through the Upper School Science Outreach Program, Country Day helps students find and secure summer internships in university laboratory settings.

Here’s a brief look at some of our students' impressive work:

Manu Amin ’15
Medicine, Appalachian State University

Manu examined the effects of a preterm labor preventative medicine on mice and had promising results.

Jonathan Vehaun ’15
Chemistry, UNC-Charlotte

Jonathan performed synthesis and classification of nine never before synthesized indium complexes. His work may be published in a major chemical journal.

Crystal Winston ’15
Engineering, East Carolina University

Crystal developed and tested robots for disaster situations to understand and evaluate the priorities of rescue.

Grant Steelman ’14
Physics-Material Science, Vanderbilt University

Grant worked with different mixtures of aluminum and vanadium oxide to develop materials that could be a faster, more efficient semiconductor than silicon for optoelectronics.

Akhil Singh ’14
Medicine, Piedmont Medical Center, Rock Hill, SC

Akhil researched a drug’s effects on leukemia, with his results published in Leukemia Research. He also researched predictive heart failure diagnostics on pacemakers in order to predict acute events of congestive heart failure.

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