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"Being a part of the football team has taught me the benefits of hard work and perseverance, while also giving me a support group that I can lean on and trust whenever necessary. "Julien

"Playing field hockey has been an incredibly rewarding experience. The intensity and passion that each member of the team brings with them to every practice and game is contagious."Megan

"As a member of the lacrosse and football teams, I learned the true meaning of honor, courage, and commitment. Without these two programs, I would not be the young man that I am today."Sheppard

"Being a part of the cross country team has given me the chance to push myself to challenge how far and fast I can run. There is no greater feeling than finishing a race while hearing your teammates and coaches cheer you on."Isabelle

Strength and Conditioning


Our strength and conditioning program is committed to the health, fitness, and athletic performance of every student-athlete.

Our full-time strength and conditioning coach works directly with all Varsity and JV teams and actively consults with our physical education department to design introductory training curricula for our Middle School PE classes. Our program has been recognized with the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s Strength of America award, and seven of our student-athletes have earned NSCA All-America honors. 


Our training philosophies are rooted in the study of kinesiology, exercise physiology, biomechanics, strength training, and sports nutrition. Training concepts include multi-dimensional and multi-planer movements that incorporate strength, balance, and flexibility for the purpose of improved dynamic movement. This type of training prepares the body for actual performance movements such as running, jumping, shuffling, and changing directions.

Each team has a customized in-season training program designed for injury prevention and sports performance and participates in training sessions twice each week throughout the season. Outside of their season, team training continues with a focus on rehabilitation, injury prevention, flexibility, hypotrophy, speed and power development, and conditioning.

Each student-athlete has an individualized training program that is tailored to his/her ability, as determined by a comprehensive set of pre- and post-season evaluations.


Our 3,200-square-foot, state-of-the-art strength and conditioning center, located on the lower level of the Bruton Smith Athletic Center on Cannon Campus, features 11 individual training sessions, allowing a large number of student-athletes to train simultaneously. Each station includes:

  • Sorinex power rack and whisperlink rubber surface platform, providing athletes with safe spaces to perform a variety of Olympic lifts and other dynamic movements
  • TRX training apparatuses
  • Adjustable PowerBlock units that can be used for both dumbbell and Kettlebell exercises

The facility also features open areas for agility, plyometric, and core training, and a wide range of plyo boxes, med balls, ropes, bands, hurdles, and foam rollers.

Internship Program

Our Strength and Conditioning Internship and Assistantship Program is a cooperative effort that is designed to provide current college students and recent graduates with the opportunity to obtain professional experience in the field of strength and conditioning. The purpose of this experience is to augment formal classroom instruction, experiment with theory and concepts, utilize practical applications, and begin the development of professional competency. Participants will also be exposed to different philosophies and ideas and become an active participant in integrating methodology into our system of training.


Darnell Clark, MPE, CSCS, RSCC*D
Director of Strength and Conditioning
(704) 943-4781 | E-mail

Drew Witman
Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
(704) 943-4699 | E-mail

Charlotte Country Day School
1440 Carmel Rd Road, Charlotte,
NC North Carolina 28226
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