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#WinAtSocial Curriculum Teaches Positive, Healthy Choices

By Joe Hernick, Director of Educational Technology


At a time when students spend hours a day on digital devices and face social media pressures and personal challenges, we are committed to equipping our students with the tools to make positive, healthy choices that fuel their health, happiness, and future success

We are pleased to announce a partnership with The Social Institute (TSI), a national leader in curriculum designed to equip students to navigate the complex intersection of well-being, social media, and technology. Country Day has adopted TSI’s comprehensive program, called #WinAtSocial, which promotes conscientious decision-making, empathy, teamwork, and other important life skills.

Above is an example of one of the #WinAtSocial polls Middle School students took. In real-time, they could see how our school compared with world averages.


School counselors and administrators are coordinating this program in each division with a monthly, themed schedule for students in grades 4–12. September’s theme is “Striking a Balance: Balancing our time and attention on technology with the people around us.”

The interactive lessons, which involve polls, small group discussions, and skills development, are taught during extended advisories in Middle and Upper School, while homeroom teachers will integrate lessons into the school day in fourth grade.

In the weeks and months ahead, corresponding resources for parents will be shared through your child’s classroom teacher, grade coordinator, or division. Whether or not your child uses social media, or has a device of their own, we hope that you will consider how these resources could be useful to your family.