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Tech-Intensive Upper School Courses

Country Day was the first independent school in the area to offer technology-intensive classes (including Lower School computer classes from the 1980s through today) and we’ve supported robotics clubs starting in the early 2000s.

AP Computer Science has been offered consistently since 2008, and courses such as AP Human Geography, AP Statistics, Computational Biochemistry, and visual arts offerings engage students with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Java, C and R Programming, 3D Design and Fabrication—all incorporating advanced tools and methodologies normally found at the college level.

For students who really want to expand their technology skills, numerous course offerings are available:

Advanced Topics in Computer Science
AP Art: 3D Design
AP Computer Science A
AP Human Geography
AP Statistics with R
Computational Biochemistry
Digital Animation & Film Production
All 2D design courses
Exploring Computer Science
Honors Engineering
IB Information Technology in a  
Global Society
New Journalism–Podcasting
Podcasting II
Short Films
Structural Engineering

Additionally Independent Study offers students the ability to create their own path. Recently students have completed IS in 3D Printing & Design, C Sharp Game Design, Computer Security Systems, and Advanced Computer Science.