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Student Shoutouts for Teacher Appreciation Week

Exceptional teachers are the heart of our school. They go out of their way to help students and colleagues. And they are fully engaged in the kind of teaching and learning that fosters curiosity, encourages students to stretch, and creates an atmosphere of joy.

We asked a few Upper School students to take a selfie with their most impactful teacher and share what they appreciate most.

Teacher and student smiling at camera

Student Janae-Rose F., Teacher Ellen Peery

"Ms. Peery always gives really specific feedback and encourages us to take advantage of opportunities to go in-depth with our analysis. I remember her sitting down for an hour to help me with my college essays, and then she was there to celebrate with me when I got in. I can always feel her passion in class, and she brings interesting real-world connections."


Student and teacher looking at camera

Student Anne Lee V., Teacher Stacy Utley 

"He supports me even on my bad days and always checks in. He always tells me one day at a time and to keep going." 


Student and teacher looking at camera

Student Carson W., Teacher Laura Trojan

"Mrs. Trojan has been an inspiring teacher and mentor. She creates a very welcoming atmosphere, and she ensures everyone in her classroom feels respected and included whether it be the wording of a math problem or which activity we choose for our 5 minutes of fun. Mrs. Trojan has the power to light up a dull room of second semester seniors and make every class interesting!"


Student and teacher looking at camera

Student Eli P., Teacher Mick Stukes

"Best math teacher I have ever had. I usually tend to struggle in math every year but this is the best I have ever done in math and it's one of my best classes this year. His lessons are very engaging and staying focused is very easy. I am never bored in his class."


Teacher and student looking at camera

Student Graeme C., Teacher Tedd Roseberry

"His happiness is contagious and is super infecting to every single person ever. One way that Mr. Roseberry helped me become the person I am today is that they always have a positive outlook on things and that is such a healthy way to think of things."


Teacher and student looking at camera

Student Josie D., Teacher Sara Richardson

"She pushes me to do my best and makes me really enjoy her English class. She is always really helpful and makes English interesting."


Student and teacher looking at camera

Student Rachel G., Teacher Lowell Combs

"Although her class is one of the harder ones for a lot of people, she always makes sure everyone understands the material. She takes the time to get to know her students personally and understands how everyone learns differently than others."


Teacher and student looking at camera

Student Sam F., Teacher Tom Collins

"Mr. Collins is the definition of thorough. He has such an amazing passion for chemistry and has used it both last year and this year to teach very effectively in the face of remote learning. He has inspired me to dive deeper into the fields of biochemistry and biotech, as he applies his teaching to real world application. When he gave me his inorganic chemistry textbook and stayed after class to discuss extra concepts, he inspired me to learn more about the field. He has truly fueled my intellectual curiosity and shaped me into the motivated student I am today." 


Student and teacher looking at camera

Student Sean R., Teacher Mike Hennessey

"I look up to his approach to life and how he handles situations and his connection with students and players. He helps support me on and off the field by giving good feedback and motivation. One thing coach said to me was, "Put the same effort that you do in baseball, to academics as well." It stuck with me. Coach helped me become the person I am today."


Student and teacher looking at camera

Student Sofia S., Teacher Janice Benzenhoefer

"She makes learning so enjoyable and teaches the class very well. I have learned so much already from her and she is always there to help you if you are stuck on something. She is always so sweet and funny in class."


Student and teacher looking at camera

Student Trey D., Teacher Yven Destin

"Something he said that stuck with me is "It is ok to have clumsiness when discussing hard topics." That made me realize that when talking about hard topics, sometimes people say things that come across differently than they mean them to and that we should forgive them."