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Student Podcasters Magnify Campus Voices While Strengthening Writing and Listening Skills

Why does science teacher Charles Tuttle love Star Wars so much? Why is PE teacher and strength coach Stefan Montanez pumped about the new athletic space? What tips does psychology teacher Dr. Ana Chapman have to share for overcoming obstacles, achieving goals, and maintaining a positive mindset through adversity? What has PE teacher and Coach Alvin Pearman learned about running and track over his decades of experience?

Charles Tuttle holding Jenga Fett helmet with two students

Thomas and Grant explore all things "Star Wars" with Upper School teacher Charles Tuttle.

These are just a few of the many topics Upper School students addressed this semester in Lisa Gardner’s “The New Journalism: Storytelling and Podcasting” course.

“Journalism is rapidly changing, and technology is leading the way,” says Lisa. 

Her class visits the basics of storytelling and the growing trend of podcasting, which is a way of telling a story through audio—using pieces of sound files, voiceovers, recorded conversations, and effects woven into a narrative. Students use the new recording studio in the Belk Upper School Learning Center to record their podcasts.

“Podcasts help students strengthen their writing abilities and listening skills, and develop public speaking skills,” says Lisa.

The podcasts are available on both Spotify and BuzzSprout.

PD Kicker and Maggie looking at camera outside recording studio

Sydney McCorkle and Maggie Brennan

The Story of Sydney McCorkle: PD's Girl Kicker: Many in North Carolina have heard about "the high school girl who plays football." Join Charlotte Country Day student Maggie Brennan as she sits down with this kicker in our recording studio and asks the questions you probably have always wondered. 


Dr. Chapman and Benny in the recording studio

Psychology teacher Dr. Ana Chapman and Benny Farrug

 Pursuing Positivity w/ Benny: Sometimes life doesn't go our way, but we can maintain positivity and strive for greatness with the right attitude. Join Benny Farrug as he talks to Charlotte Country Day School psychology teacher Dr. Ana Chapman about overcoming obstacles, achieving goals, and maintaining a positive mindset through adversity.


Benny and Josh with Stefan Mantanez in the recording studio

Benny and Josh interviewing Coach Stefan Montanez

Future Weightlifting at Charlotte Country Day: Join students Benny and Josh as they discuss weightlifting benefits and the new facility at Charlotte Country Day School.  Strength Coach and PE teacher Stefan Montanez sits down with the pair and shares why he is pumped about the new classes for students next year! 

To see the full slate of podcasts, head over to Spotify or BuzzSprout.