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Renowned Author and Oxford Professor Shares Secrets to Transform Contentious Issues into Constructive Conversations

We were honored to have Oxford University professor and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Irshad Manji visit with students, faculty, and parents as part of our Parent Speaker Series. Dr. Manji is a renowned expert in the field of moral courage and has written several books on the topic, including "Don't Label Me: An Incredible Conversation for Divided Times."

During her visit, Dr. Manji engaged with students and faculty in grades 7-12, sharing insights on how they can foster open and honest communication with people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. She emphasized the importance of moral courage in today's world, where people are often afraid to speak their minds or challenge the status quo.

Marcel Gauthier and Irshad Manji

Later in the day, Dr. Manji and head of school Marcel Gauthier held a fireside chat for our adult community, where she shared tangible skills to empower every one of us to make simple yet impactful strides to create common ground and connect with people with whom we may not agree with. The chat was an interactive session that encouraged the audience to participate and share their own experiences.

Dr. Manji introduced communication skills rooted in the practice of Moral Courage, which she defines as "speaking truth to the power of our fear-peddling brains, even as we speak our truths to powers in the system." These skills are crucial to transforming contentious issues into constructive conversations, both in person and online.

Overall, the time spent with Dr. Irshad Manji was thought-provoking and left a lasting impression on our school community. This is just one of the many ways that we equip our students and adults in our community to live out our Affirmation of Community.



Moral Courage Mentor Certification Program from Irshad Manji on Vimeo.

Irshad Manji tells 800 educators across the United States and Canada why, now more than ever, our world needs Moral Courage Mentors. If you're interested in getting certified as one, visit to learn more.