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Middle Schoolers and Lower Schoolers Share in the Writing Process

Last week, sixth-graders returned to Cannon Campus to share picture books they wrote and illustrated with the second grade. The sixth-graders were tasked with reading a classic work of fiction and then translating that work into an age-appropriate picture book for a second-grade audience. As they shared their work with their younger buddies, the older students got to experience their work through the eyes of the younger students. 
Jonathan Gray, sixth-grade LA/SS teacher, says, “After sixth-grade shared their books, there was a beautiful time of second-grade sharing their own written work. Here, we saw older students scaffolding the learning of our younger students, encouraging them as they begin that journey of writing, and helping to build their confidence.”  
Meghan Preslar, a second-grade teacher, sees the value of the project not only in helping children grow as students but also says, “It builds bonds and connections among the children AND the faculty! Our campus can feel huge. But it’s events like this where sixth graders get to see their siblings and re-connect with their old second-grade teachers where they realize the Country Day community is small and SUCH a special place!”