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IB Student Organizes Supply Drive for OurBridge for Kids in Conjunction with Upper School Spring Concert

Auden Bunner is a junior in Country Day’s International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program. As part of the two-year program, students participate in CAS (Creativity, Activity, and Service), which asks students to reflect on personal growth outside of the classroom. They also complete a CAS project focused on meeting a need and collaborating with others.

For the upcoming Upper School Spring Concert on May 20, Auden has been collaborating with choir director Dr. Robin Garner to develop a concert theme and supply drive for OurBridge for Kids centered on “Home–Songs of Belonging.” OurBridge for Kids fosters refugee and immigrant families' education, acculturation, and well-being through out-of-school programs and other support.

“When I started thinking about CAS, I immediately thought of music, as most who know me, know it is my creative outlet,” said Auden. “Using the spring concert as a way to help others allows us to engage a large portion of the Country Day community while affording Dr. Garner and me ample time to coordinate and orchestrate the event.”

Auden Bunner and Dr. Garner at the piano in the choir room


“I thought this might be a powerful project for Auden to complete, and also for the audience to experience,” said Dr. Garner. “Our goal is for the music to impact the people who are listening and hopefully develop empathy and understanding."

Donating a new or gently used/clean school supply item is your ticket to the concert on May 20 . Make sure to bring your item(s) to the theater on May 20; Auden will be collecting the donations in a bin outside the theater. Those attending should donate items like:

  • Backpacks
  • School shoes
  • Polo shirts
  • Pants 
  • Lunch boxes
  • Water bottles
  • Lined paper
  • Fine point markers
  • Socks
  • Sturdy and ergonomic sharpeners

Giving Service Meaning

Through CAS, IB students learn the importance of reciprocal service by taking the time to investigate needs before taking up service initiatives. This ensures that the service is meaningful to both parties and does not unintentionally burden the receiving organization. Country Day has supported OurBridge for Kids in numerous ways in recent years, where Assistant Head of School Scott Waybright is on the Board. Still, Auden met with leaders at OurBridge to explore meaningful ways to support them, including the possibility of supporting the school musically.

“During the discussion, it became evident that the school lacked a music teacher/program since their previous one had departed months earlier,” explained Auden. “Without hesitation, I volunteered to fill this gap. Reflecting on my own musical journey, influenced by my grandmother and dedicated teachers, I recognized the transformative power of music education. The opportunity to ignite this same passion in even one child was immensely gratifying, inspiring me to contribute to those less fortunate on their own musical journey. For the past three months, I have been going to OurBridge and teaching these kids how to read music, play piano, and sing. Teaching has been immensely rewarding, especially witnessing the kids’ excitement as they grasp musical concepts.”

Auden Bunner '25

Through my CAS project, I have learned so much about navigating new environments and communication/language barriers. I am so excited for this concert and am grateful for the support I have received, especially from Dr. Garner; none of this would have been possible without her.”