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Girl Code Computer Club Recognizes Digitally Driven Society

When Alexandra Lostetter '21 took Computer Science as a sophomore on the advice of her older brother, she was admittedly "somewhat lost" in the class of mostly seniors.

Despite the challenge, Alexandra found the material interesting and wanted to learn more. With the help of Upper School teacher Rick Hackett, she started Girl Code Computer Club in her junior year to serve girls by hosting coding lessons and sharing knowledge of STEM-related fields.

The 20 girls in the club follow online lessons through Code Academy, compare what they have learned, and support one another. "We are all learning together," says Alexandra. "I can offer insight, but I don't know that much more than the others."

Since March 2020, they have continued to meet online. And before Alexandra graduates and passes leadership onto junior Jayden Buckly, she hopes to have alumnae who are studying code speak with the club. Alexandra earned her Girl Scout Award for her work in creating this club.

"We live in a digitally driven society; it's where we will continue to be headed and code can be applied to almost anything."

Alexandra Lostetter '21