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5 Facts About Country Day’s IB Program

Country Day was the first private school in North Carolina to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program. Our small class sizes, dedicated faculty, and a wide array of school resources are essential to successfully developing the intellectual and personal skills that the IB Diploma Program promises for students.

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In February, we held an IB Open House for families interested in applying for this rigorous course of study for juniors and seniors. Here are five takeaways from the program:

1. The IB Diploma program fully prepares graduates for success in college and beyond.

It is becoming very clear to me that I could not be more grateful for the way IB has more than sufficiently prepared me for college. Many of my peers feel that they have been thrown headfirst into the deep end in terms of the course load and necessity for self-motivation at Northwestern, but to me, it feels like a continuation of the skills I had already begun to cultivate in my last two years of high school.

 –2019 IB graduate

2. Alongside their Country Day diploma, the majority of students in the program earn the IB diploma and college credit. They regularly perform better than the national and world average, with exceedingly high scores in the past four years.

Graph comparing IB scores 2011-2020 between Country Day, US, and world.


3. IB students are academically solid (top third of class) and passionate about learning and personal growth.

My entire viewpoint on school has changed. I love coming to and learning in my IB classes. I have become not only a better student, but a better person. I highly recommend IB!

–2017 IB graduate

4. They are also artists, athletes, global citizens, and school leaders.

Four IB students in a collage: girl with diploma, boy in football uniform, boy in musical, girl with Special Olympics buddy.


5. The IB program offers students a tight-knit academic community of classmates and teachers that emphasizes personal growth, global mindedness, and student-directed learning.