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Special Area Classes Innovate During COVID-19

Our special area classes in Lower School truly shine. Lower School Science Teacher Lori Townsend, who many know from her fun and engaging Instagram presence, @ccds_sci, also serves as Lower School's Special Area Coordinator. She shares eloquently the role and impact that special area classes have on young children.

"We have the incredible opportunity for children to be exposed to so many different kinds of content areas, especially the arts, science, and physical education," Ms. Townsend says. "Offering two additional languages, besides their literacy instruction in English, with French and Spanish in our modern language program is really one of the most opportune experiences that our children can have. We have such an enormous opportunity to have children explore different passions through each of these areas in their content."

When faced with the challenge of holding special area classes in their typical format due to COVID-19 restrictions and precautions, our teachers immediately went to work. Seen through some of the examples below, our special area teachers record their lessons, supply materials to the classroom teachers, provide feedback to students through recordings, and bring this content and joy to our students through reimagining and innovating!




"Today you will need a piece of white paper, your pencil, and crayons, markers, and colored pencils. You will practice drawing a figure in motion using simple shapes. Have fun! Love, Ms. Hayes."



Example of Ms. Hayes providing feedback to a student


Science is SNOW FUN! 12/16/20

"We've finally made it to winter break, and maybe we'll be lucky enough to see a little snow! If we do, you'll be ready to drop some knowledge on your family about one of the coldest and snowiest places on Earth...ANTARCTICA! Then, after today's lesson you'll also be able to make a cool tool to launch snowballs at your next snowball fight! Have fun, and happy holidays!
Ms. Townsend and Ms. Page"

Follow these directions for today's lesson:
1. Watch the video by clicking this link
2. Build your catapult, and take a photo to upload to the paperwork found at the green button.
3. Then, using your ruler and catapult, test your design and record the data in the chart found at the green button.
4. Don't forget to answer the reflection questions following the data chart.
5. Please remember to use your materials wisely. We have added the "Snowstorm in Jar" directions to your Journal, so that you can access it on Seesaw at home.


French Teacher Nadine Shenouda introduces her students to a new friend.

Check out this video we shared with prospective families about our special area classes!