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DEI Progress Update from the Board of Trustees

In June 2020, the Board of Trustees took the unprecedented step to address the community to acknowledge the deep-seated pain, fear, and sadness across our nation and encountered by many members of our community, particularly our Black students, alumni, faculty, staff, families, and friends. The Board also shared its support of the school's efforts in this work and committed to listen, reflect, and act.
After months of intentional and collaborative work, the Board of Trustees along with Head of School Mark Reed followed up with the community with a Progress Update that includes results from the quantitative and qualitative listening as well as completed, new, recent, and ongoing action steps. While not exhaustive, this attempts to outline not only the work happening on an annual basis but, more importantly, the new and focused initiatives to fulfill and exceed the promise of our Affirmation of Community.
"While I am proud of all of the work being done, I am excited to share two particular items. First, this year we will be hiring an additional member in the Diversity Planning Office to better serve our community for the years ahead. We have also created an Alumni BIPOC Committee of the Alumni Association. This increased support across both areas creates the opportunity to make an impact in the near and long term." - Mark Reed, Head of School

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