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Students Hone Problem-Solving Skills During Computer Science Education Week

Computer Science Education Week is an annual call to action to inspire students to explore computer science, advocate for equity, and celebrate the contributions of many to the field. At Country Day, innovative and intelligent use of technology helps to deepen learning, foster collaboration, and provide students with real-world, problem-solving skills. Computer science happens throughout the year in intentional ways to prepare our students for the digital world.

While computer science and educational technology are embedded throughout our curriculum, this week provides an opportunity to celebrate the contributions of Grace Hopper to computer science and the Hour of Code. Lower School students are exploring coding through the tools such as a block coding website ( and Scratch, Jr. Block code is used to build programs to solve puzzles helping young students to understand the concept of coding to achieve goals or solve problems. Scratch, Jr. is a natural step up from several experiences with block coding allowing our young students to experience coding as problem solvers in a creative digital setting.

Computer Science Week Pics