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Celebrating Outstanding Upper School Achievements and Awards

On May 24, 2023, the Upper School community came together to honor and recognize the outstanding accomplishments of students in grades 9–11 at the Upper School Awards Ceremony and grade 12 at Senior Baccalaureate.

These awards are a moment of pride and applause as these exceptional individuals were acknowledged for their remarkable honors and achievements in academics, leadership, service, athletics, and fine arts. Congratulations to all the deserving Upper School students who have truly demonstrated their dedication, talent, and commitment to excellence in various areas.

View photos of the Upper School Awards Ceremony

The 2023 Yearbook was dedicated to Director of College Counseling Catherine Odum.

Yearbook dedicated to Catherine Odum

Upper School Awards

General Awards and Honors

West Point Appointment Recognition: Jakob VanderHave
Mark E Reed Opportunity Book Award and Scholarship: Grace Tingen
IB Senior Award: Eliza McCurdy
Mildred Dalton Cox Global Citizenship Award: Tianning Hu, Siddhant Mody
Country Day Citizenship Award: Elle Thompson
Country Day Honor Award: Katie Fleischli
Win Robinson Leadership and Service Award:
     9th Grade: Ricky Browne, Sally Farnham
     10th Grade: Nile Collins-Friedland, Lindsey Kerrins
     11th Grade: Alex Connors, Cooper Pitts
     12th Grade: Jeffrey Harrick, Caroline Lostetter, Pete Pignetti

Athletic Awards

Jason Walls Award: Jakob VanderHave
Scholar Athlete: Dillon Kercher, Lela McMichael

English Department    

English 9 Overall Achievement: Alex Hedrick, Abby Padron-Preciado, Soraya Shah
English 9 Writing Award: Lauren Beach
English 10 Overall Achievement: Lily Giardi, Evie Haner, Mary Owen, Alice Stewart
English 11 - The Ernest B. Wright Award: Merritt Goodman
English 11 AP: Maisie Collins
English 11 IB Award: Zoe Timperman
English 11 Writing: Shelby Eliasek
English 12 AP: Graham McPhail
English 12 IB Award: Annabelle Hernick
English 12 Writing Alexis Blane Award: TJ O'Neil

Fine Arts Department    

Director's Award for Concert Choir: Zoe Deitemeyer
Director's Award for Chamber Choir: Harriet Brantley
National School Choral Award: Benjamin Farnham
Director's Award for Orchestra: Sandra Rios-Beltran
National School Orchestra Award: Adrienne Hwang
Director's Award for Band: Jenson Taylor
John Phillip Sousa Award: Graham McPhail
Outstanding Performance in a Play Award: Grace Tingen
Outstanding Achievement in Technical Theatre Award: Graham McPhail
Outstanding Performance in a Musical Award: Michael Lugo
Sustained Achievement in Theatre Arts Award: Lance Toppin
Outstanding New Actor Award: Charles Dekle
Faculty Choice Award in 2D Art: Shelby Eliasek
Faculty Choice Award in 3D Art: Tianning Hu
Faculty Choice Award in Design: Davis Johnson
NAHS Emerging Artist Award: Katie O'Neill
IB Art Purchase Prize: Luke Ilfeld
Sally Sasz Memorial Purchase Prize: Kay Benson
Rhode Island School of Design Award: Tianning Hu

History Department    

9th Grade History: Alex Hedrick, Caroline Mallard, Lucas Pearce, Sophia Scott
Modern World History: Calliope Workinger, Lily Giardi
Honors Modern World History: Cooper Deets, Anna Torstrick
US History: Cooper Pitts, Margaret Scheurer
AP US History: Olivia Patt
AP Human Geography: Henry Fuller, Alice Stewart
AP Psychology: Natalie Kleiderer
AP Modern European: Graham McPhail
IB ITGS: Rita Cohen
IB World History Award: Bryce Moore
IB Psychology Award: Caroline Owen
Humanities Award: Keira McPhilliamy

Math Department    

Algebra 1: Brady Mills
Geometry: Olive Bigham
Geometry Honors: Lauren Beach
Algebra 2: Davis Lauren Campbell
Algebra 2 Honors: Sam VanderHave
Honors Algebra 2/Precalculus: Evie Haner
Algebra 3/Trigonometry: Maura Cameron Jackson
Precalculus: Austin Harbrecht
Precalculus Honors: Mason Stanley
AP Calculus AB: Shelby Eliasek
AP Calculus BC: Ben Proffitt
AP Computer Science: Cole Thomas
AP Statistics: Merrit Goodman
IB Analysis SL: Lucy Lee Parker
IB Applications SL: Caroline Owen
Math Analysis: Samantha Agisim
Advanced Probability Theory: Landon Hawley
Advanced AP Statistics with R: Peyton Deets
Intro to Calculus and Statistics: Ellie Morris
Dynamic Math: Mary Morgan Harker

Modern & Classical Languages Department

Chinese 1: Azariah Gordon
Chinese 2: Riley Reddinger
Chinese 3: Magdeline Fraser
Chinese 5: Caroline Lostetter
French 1: Benjamin Eligator
French 2: Caroline Mallard
French 3: Darla Mavinga
French 4: Price Davis
French 5: Lela McMichael
Latin 1: Derrick Boskie
Latin 2: Calliope Workinger
Latin 3: Taylor Phillips
Latin 4: David Harner
Latin 5: Brady Johnston
Spanish 1: Alana Hankerson
Spanish 2: Alex Hedrick
Spanish 3: Mary Owen
Spanish 4: Shelby Eliasek
Spanish 5: Colin Kelly
Global Seal of Biliteracy - Chinese: Caroline Lostetter, Remi Ogundiran
Global Seal of Biliteracy - Latin: Graham McPhail
Global Seal of Biliteracy - Spanish: Samantha Agisim, Henry Anton, Yusuf El-Gamal, Landon Hawley, Adrienne Hwang, Colin Kelly, Dillon Kercher, Everett Norton, Caroline Owen, Ben Rose

Science Department

Inquiries in Biology: Azariah Gordon
Biology I: Lucas Pearce
AP Biology: Peyton Deets
IB Biology: Lucy Lee Parker
Chemistry I: Elizabeth Coppings, Luna Cosma
Honors Chemistry Award: Evie Haner, Trey Dean
Organic Chemistry: Colin Kelly
AP Chemistry: Price Davis
IB Chemistry: Zoe Timperman
Physics I: Henry Fuller
Honors Physics: Olivia Patt
AP Physics: Graham McPhail
AP Environmental Science: Adam Eligator
Scientific Achievement: Aaryan Chopra
Honors Engineering: Samantha Agisim