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Upper School Honors Outstanding Students at Awards Ceremony and Senior Night

On May 22, 2024, the Upper School community gathered to celebrate the remarkable achievements of its students at the Upper School Awards Ceremony and Senior Night.

These awards are a source of pride and celebration, recognizing exceptional students for their outstanding accomplishments in academics, leadership, service, athletics, and fine arts. Congratulations to all the deserving Upper School students who have shown exceptional dedication, talent, and commitment to excellence across various fields.

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The 2024 Yearbook was dedicated to Brad Touma, longtime Upper School History teacher and Boys' Varsity Lacrosse Coach. Head of Upper School Matt Less received the F. Franklin Justice Award and the POCIS Impact Award.

The 2024 Postcript Yearbook was dedicated to Brad Touma


Congratulations to all our award winners!

Upper School Awards

General Awards and Honors

IB Senior Award: Maya Melese
Mildred Dalton Cox Global Citizenship Award: Aaryan Chopra, Elise Exson
Country Day Citizenship Award: Ellie Wilkins
Country Day Honor Award: Maisie Collins
Win Robinson Leadership and Service Award:
     9th Grade: Anna Grace Frenzel, Lucas Wright
     10th Grade: Ricky Browne, Jonah Agisim
     11th Grade: Nile Collins-Friedland, Kobey Riley
     12th Grade: Maggie Cleven, Cooper Pitts

Win Robinson Leadership and Service Award recipients

Athletic Awards

Jason Walls Award: Ellie Wilkins
Scholar Athlete: Ben Proffit, Pope Shuford, Ellie Wilkins

English Department    

English 9 Overall Achievement: Libby Gates, Cameron Silvera, Alana Yosief
English 9 Writing Award: Graham Scott
English 10 Overall Achievement: Daniela Mavinga, Brielle Newberry, Sam Vanderhave
English 10 Writing Award: Brynn Keilty
English 11 - The Ernest B. Wright Award: Phillip Preslar
English 11 AP: Alice Stewart
English 11 IB Award: Mallie Waters
English 11 Writing: Lula Barber
English 12 AP: Olivia Platt
English 12 IB Award: Maya Melese
English 12 Writing Alexis Blane Award: Lucy Lee Parker

Fine Arts Department    

Fred Waring Director's Award for Concert Choir: Brett Goldsmith
Fred Waring Director's Award for Chamber Choir: Auden Bunner
National School Choral Award: Harriet Brantley
NAHS Emerging Artist Award: Soraya Shah
Director's Award for Orchestra: Bobby Woodruff
National School Orchestra Award: Angelina Quan
Director's Award for Band: Maya Melese
John Phillip Sousa Award: Xander Reiss
Outstanding New Actor Award: Thomas Lawn
Outstanding Performance in a Play Award: Mikayla Rusnak
Outstanding Achievement in Technical Theatre Award: Abby Wood
Outstanding Performance in a Musical Award: Magdeline Fraser
Sustained Achievement in Theatre Arts Award: Jack Cooper
Faculty Choice Award in 2D Art: Grace Mahaffey
Faculty Choice Award in 3D Art: Danielle Tuttle
Faculty Choice Award in Design: Kate Stajos
Sally Sasz Memorial Award: Shelby Eliasek
IB Art Purchase Prize: Kaiden Taborn
Rhode Island School of Design Award: Anne Lee Vaugh

History Department    

9th Grade History: Nicholas Arado, Laura Kares, Braeden Klein, Lexi Stein
Modern World History: Finn Farrell, Lucas Pearce, Owen Timperman
Honors Modern World History: Lauren Beach
US History: Lula Barber, William Harrison, Elle Scott
AP US History: Margaret Didier
AP Human Geography: Catherine Jones, Ella Stein
AP US Government: Natalie Kleiderer
AP Modern European: Henry Fuller
AP Psychology: Ava Goggin
IB World History Award: Aida Saake
Humanities Award: Lily Giardi

Math Department    

AP Calculus BC: Brayton Patt
Precalculus: Joanna Papadeas
Precalculus Honors: Sam Vanderhave
Algebra 2: Evelyn Turner
Algebra 2 Honors: Laura Kares
Honors Algebra 2/Precalculus: Cassie Odum
Algebra 3/Trigonometry: Penelope Cole
Geometry: David Hands
Geometry Honors: Alice Hunter
Algebra 1: Sanaa Mohammed
AP Computer Science Award: Wil Harrick
AP Calculus AB: Mason Stanley
Advanced AP Statistics with R: Olivia Patt
Dynamic Math: Avery Booth
AP Statistics: Natalie Jones
Intro to Calculus and Statistics: Tre Macklin 
IB Applications SL: Elsa Maginess
IB Analysis SL: Merrit Goodman
Advanced Math Topics/IB Analysis HL: Ben Proffitt

Modern & Classical Languages Department

Chinese 1: Alex Fleischli
Chinese 2: Bobby O’Neill
Chinese 3: Merrit Goodman
Chinese 4: Magdeline Fraser
French 2: Laura Kares
French 3: Caroline Mallard
French 4: Mallie Waters
French 5: Kate Mattei
Latin 1: Lauren Neill
Latin 2: Libby Gates
Latin 3: Alex Hedrick
Latin 4: Taylor Phillips
Latin 5: Charlie O'Shea
Spanish 1: London Cromartie-Patterson
Spanish 2: Frances Liles
Spanish 3: Ella Thomas
Spanish 4: Mary Owen
Spanish 5: Ben Proffitt

Science Department

Inquiries in Biological and Physical Science: Sanaa Mohammed
Biology I: Lizzie Alcorn, Libby Gates, Laura Kares, Graham Scott, Kyle Williams 
Chemistry I: Anissa Ansari, Claire Dehaenen
Honors Chemistry: Lucas Pearce, Sam Vanderhave
AP Chemistry: Lily Giardi
Honors Physics: Wil Harrick
AP Environmental Science: Taylor Phillips
Scientific Achievement: Lula Barber
IB Biology: Bryce Moore
AP Biology: Olivia Patt
AP Physics C: Angelina Quan
Organic Chemistry: Bobby Woodruff
Honors Engineering: Henry Fuller
IB Chemistry: Pope Shuford
Physics I: Sam Goldstein