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Appreciating Our Fabulous Teachers

Strong student/teacher relationships are one of the hallmarks of a Country Day education.

Our small class sizes give teachers the opportunity to truly know their students. And their support often extends beyond the classroom as they cheer their students on the athletic fields and performance stages, lend their expertise to help support a student's hobby outside of school, or simply provide a listening ear when the day is not going great. It's not unusual for older students to visit their former teachers just to say "hi," or for graduates to e-mail life updates to their former teachers, or even invite them to their weddings.

This Instagram comment by a recent alum is just one of the many accolades our students and parents shared in praise of Dr. Yven Destin, who was featured in our Why I Teach video series

Students know their Teachers, Too

Students know their teachers, too. A wonderful example can be found in The Hook, the Upper School online newspaper. Junior Natalie Kleiderer creatively shares What Fall Bath and Body Works Candle I Think Certain Faculty Would Light in their House. Our students appreciate their teachers, as demonstrated during Teacher Appreciation Week last May.