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Upper School Honors and Awards

Congratulations to the following Upper School students in grades 9–11 who were recognized on May 26, 2022 at a special Awards Day ceremony for their outstanding honors and achievements in academics, leadership, service, athletics, and fine arts:

Upper School Awards

General Awards and Honors

Harvard Book Award: Samantha Agisim
Washington and Lee Book Award: Dillon Kercher
F. Franklin Justice Award: Bob Plyler
Win Robinson Leadership and Service Award:

  • 9th Grade: Sally Taylor McNorrill, Trey Dean
  • 10th Grade: Alex Connors, Austin Harbrecht
  • 11th Grade: Lance Toppin, Elle Thompson

English Department    

English 9 Overall Achievement: Mallie Waters, Lily Giardi, Lula Porter Barber
English 9 Writing Award: Katie O'Neill
English 10 Overall Achievement: Magdeline Fraser, Aaryan Chopra
English 10 Writing Award: Xander Reiss, Shelby Eliasek
English 11 - The Ernest B. Wright Award: Reagan Nash
English 11 AP: CeCe Broadfoot
English 11 IB Award: Eliza McCurdy
English 11 Writing: Poppy Farrell

Fine Arts Department    

Fred Waring Director's Award for Concert Choir: Benjamin Farnham
Director's Award for Orchestra: Lela McMichael
Director's Award for Band: Jenson Taylor
John Phillip Sousa Award: Graham McPhail
Outstanding New Actor Award: Reagan Harris
NAHS Emerging Artist Award: Shelby Eliasek

History Department    

9th Grade History: Cooper Deets, Lily Giardi
Modern World History: Oz Conner, Pope Shuford
Honors Modern World History: Olivia Patt, Aaryan Chopra
US History: Rose Schulte, Adrienne Hwang
AP US History: Dillon Kercher
AP Human Geography: Zella Thomas
IB World History Award: Eliza McCurdy
Humanities Award: Peyton Deets

Math Department    

AP Calculus BC: Everett Norton
AP Statistics: Cam Fagan
Multivariate Calculus: Logan Yuhas
Linear Algebra: Angelina Quan
IB Analysis SL: Eliza McCurdy
Precalculus: Greta Hines
Precalculus Honors: Sam Stevens
Algebra 2: Maggie Cleven
Algebra 2 Honors: Sophia Lane
Honors Algebra 2/Precalculus: Maya Melese
Geometry: Trey Dean
Geometry Honors: Evie Haner
Algebra 1: Sabrina McGovern
AP Computer Science Award: Angelina Quan

Modern & Classical Languages Department

Chinese 1: Riley Reddinger
Chinese 2: Magdeline Fraser
Chinese 4: Arushi Banerjee
French 1 Award: Tiffany Utley
French 2 Award: Mallie Waters
French 3 Award: Cooper Pitts
French 4 Award: Eliza McCurdy
Latin 1 Award: Calliope Workinger
Latin 2 Award: Chloe Saxonhouse
Latin 3 Award: Angelina Quan
Latin 4 Award: Graham McPhail
Spanish 1 Award: Oliver Halverstam
Spanish 2 Award: Anna Torstrick
Spanish 3 Award: Aaryan Chopra
Spanish 4 Award: Everett Norton
Global Seal of Biliteracy: Arushi Banerjee (Chinese), Reagan Harris (Spanish)

Science Department

Inquiries in Biology: Melinda Aznar Klein
Biology I Award: Lula Porter Barber, Lily Giardi, Kensie Bush, Calliope Workinger
Chemistry I Award: Phoebe Augustine, Xander Riess
Honors Chemistry Award: Arav Bhardwaj, Elise Exson
IB Chemistry Award: Eliza McCurdy
Physics I Award: Carter Alessi
Honors Physics Award: Everett Norton
AP Environmental Science Award: Ben Rose
Scientific Achievement Award: Graham McPhail