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Words Matter and the Power of Language

Our Middle School DEIB Faculty and Staff group, which is comprised of Bina Neumann, Nikki Dunn, Janani Buford, Kasey Short, Brian Wise, Tianna Butler, and Warren Sepkowitz recently planned programming to deepen awareness for students and faculty/staff regarding the power of language. Former Middle School and current Upper Schooler, Alex Connors spoke to students to lay the foundation for the advisory work that day. Mr. Sepkowitz shared, "Alex’s speech was simply one of the best I have felt, seen, and heard in my career."

Student speaker words matter

With Alex’s permission, we have included it for you to read; she wanted you to know there are some grammar errors as her words were designed to be read, not submitted for a paper. Read Alex's speech.


Following Alex's speech, each advisory used the attached lesson to host meaningful conversations about the power of language, impact versus intent, and an understanding that words have power, and with that comes responsibility.


With that power, comes the RESPONSIBILITY to own your words – both good and bad – and the IMPACT they have on your friends, peers, teachers, family, and others here in the Charlotte Country Day School Community.