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To Discover.

Discovering a passion for science

Hunter '14 Passionate Scientist

Hunter '14

Hunter graduated as the Class of 2014's top scholar. His classmates affectionately referred to him as "the science guy," and his favorite academic memories come from time spent in the science labs. Hunter credits his own hard work and exceptional teachers with helping him discover his passion.

Hunter spent first semester of his senior year taking Organic Chemistry together with five of his peers. "Organic Chem is unique because it involves visual thinking," explains Hunter. "It's not something that's usually done at the high school level, but it's definitely been my most challenging chemistry class. In second semester Practical Chemistry, we used special equipment and materials to conduct lab tests on over-the-counter medicines to identify the individual drug compounds. It's amazing to see the breakdown of these medicines."

Hunter also took Honors and AP Chemistry. "Our labs involved activities such as synthesizing aspirin in a two-step process using oil of wintergreen and salicylic acid. I really enjoyed discovering the process behind such an important synthesis."

Hunter also liked experimenting with mirrors and electricity during his Honors and AP Physics classes with Ron Curtin, whom he admires greatly. "Mr. Curtin uses a lot of lab materials that are great at demonstrating the topics we are discussing, and he's excellent at breaking down difficult concepts," says Hunter.

Yet Hunter doesn't want to focus all of his attention on his passion for science. "Country Day has given me a great education in the liberal arts, too," says Hunter.

Hunter now attends Georgia Institute of Technology as a President's Scholar—a competitive, merit scholarship that covers 100% of college costs. He aspires to become a mechanical engineer and possibly pursue a career in patent law.

To Serve.

Serving a community

Ian '22 Environmental Steward

Ian '22

By the time Ian completed his fourth-grade year at Country Day, he had collected more bottle caps than any other student in the history of the Green Team, an environmental club for third and fourth graders.

Green Team members collect bottle caps that are shipped to a plant that recycles them and makes new packaging for Aveda products. Ian has collected hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of bottle caps, even taking part before he was a member of the club.

He first got excited about the Green Team and collecting caps for recycling when his older sister, Emily, was involved in fourth grade.

Though he was only in first grade, Ian would bring boxes of caps to his teachers to give to the Green Team. He collects from his immediate and extended family members as well as his neighbors.

Ian's science teacher, Lori Townsend, said, "He regularly appeared at the science lab door holding an unbelievably large collection of caps to contribute to our Green Team collection. Ian has single-handedly led the charge for other students to rise to the occasion and make their own home contributions."

To Lead.

Leading by example

Jocelyn '14 Committed to Inclusion

Jocelyn '14

As Jocelyn reflects back on her 13 years at Country Day, she is most proud of her commitment to cultivating genuine respect within our school community and her leadership through attendance at the national Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC).

While Jocelyn was at her first SDLC conference her freshman year, she received devastating news—her father had died suddenly of a heart attack. "I felt like I was losing myself," she remembers. "But being so far away at SDLC was, in a way, a blessing. People, strangers, were so nice and kind and comforting to me. It was so genuine and speaks a lot about how good people can be. We are all humans before race and gender." This year, Jocelyn addressed the entire conference—1,500 students and teachers—about how SDLC has impacted her.

Since that first conference, Jocelyn has been a leader in moving Country Day forward in its commitment toward inclusivity, equity, and compassion.

She helped establish the Affirming Community Together Conference—an annual program in which Upper School students from Country Day, Charlotte Latin, and Providence Day lead public and private middle school students in activities that promote confidence, respect, and community. "It's a way for those of us who have attended SDLC to pass our training on to others in the community," she explains. "The goal is to teach and articulate the values of acceptance and diversity without being preachy."

Jocelyn attends Queens University, where she received a cheerleading scholarship and plans to pursue a degree in creative writing or teaching.

To Explore.

Exploring the world

Sarah '20 Global Citizen

Sarah '20

At school, I have many opportunities to explore global topics, including studying about Ebola in science, blogging about current events in Ukraine for World Geography, and learning about the Holocaust in English. I believe the best way to truly learn about a country and its culture is to spend time visiting that country and interacting with its people.

Last year, my family hosted an exchange student my age named Mara from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Not only did this give me a chance to practice my Spanish, but it also gave her a chance to learn about Halloween.

When it was my turn to go to Cabo San Lucas, I discovered family life to be very similar to ours and I was thrilled to learn that they eat their big meal right after school! Mara and I continue to stay in touch, and I was devastated to hear how much damage Hurricane Odile did to her community.

Next spring, I will travel to Europe to participate in a Model UN program in Paris. To be selected, I had to research the kidnappings of school girls in Nigeria by Boko Haram. To help prepare for my trip, I am learning about the various cities we will visit and developing my parliamentary procedure skills. Even though I have been to the Netherlands, I am really looking forward to learning more about European history and customs.

I am very thankful that Country Day provides me with opportunities to become a better global citizen.

To Thrive.

Thriving at Country Day

Jackson '22 Confidence Builder

Jackson '22

Below are excerpts from the speech Jackson delivered to more than 500 people at the Fourth Grade Moving Up ceremony.

Hello, my name is Jackson and I am in fourth grade. I have been a student at Charlotte Country Day for five years. So you can imagine I've got a lot of stories to tell! When I was a new student in kindergarten, I was told to move my seat, to a different table. I was very shy and took this to be a very BAD thing. I shut down, refusing to move my seat feeling completely horrified. I thought I had done something wrong. There was no way I was moving my seat. My teachers gave me two options; I could move my seat or go to Dr. Dina's office (Lower School guidance counselor).

I chose Dr. Dina. She taught me how to handle things and control my emotions.

When I came to Country Day, I wasn't very good with relationships and I was scared to try new things. I had always been somebody that would stay on the jungle gym watching the other kids play.

I was scared to play with people I didn't know. Scared of rejection. Not confident.

The soccer games always looked fun to me. But seeing as I was shy, I was too scared to play. My experience with Guidance helped me gain the confidence to leave the jungle gym and join the game. If it wasn't for the confidence I gained I would not be speaking to you here on this podium today. The confidence and skills I learned in Guidance will help me throughout my life.

Growing up can be really challenging. We experience many emotions. Some good, some bad, but sometimes we are not equipped to handle these emotions. Sometimes we just need somebody to talk with—to figure out what we are feeling. My five years in the Lower School have flown by. I appreciate the knowledge I have gained, the friendships I have made, and the support I have received from my teachers.

A Strong Forward-Thinking Institution

Country Day Regional Firsts

Founded in 1941, Country Day’s long legacy of firsts among the Charlotte region’s independent schools includes groundbreaking programs and progressive ideas.

Exceptional Academic Results

Proven Track Record

When the time comes to graduate, our seniors possess the skills they need to succeed in college and ultimately, in life. Country Day graduates include scholars, athletes, and artists who continue their academic careers at some of the nation’s finest colleges and universities.

Going Beyond Academics

Preparing Students for Life

At Country Day, academic rigor is balanced by community service and athletic, artistic, and extracurricular endeavors. As partners in our students’ success, our goal is to shape confident, healthy, well-rounded adults who are comfortable and successful in diverse settings—individuals of honor, integrity, and purpose who are ready to make significant contributions to society.

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