Our Vision

Preparing Students to Lead and Thrive in a Changing World

Our Vision
Every day, in everything we do, our focus is on preparing each of our students to contribute meaningfully in a rapidly changing world. We are continually improving and breaking new ground so we can provide future generations of students to lead lives of achievement and purpose.

Forefront Campaign—Fueling Our Strategic Plan

Led by the Board of Trustees and inspired by the most inclusive strategic planning process in Country Day's history, we are creating a distinctive learning environment tailored to the unique character and community of our school. The Strategic Planning process began in the fall of 2011 when we asked the Country Day community about our most valued qualities and traditions, our priorities for the future, and how a fast-changing world affects those priorities. The collective insight, intelligence, and imagination of our community affirmed the qualities we value most about Country Day and helped shape four shared visions, which guide us daily in our mission to give students the skills they need to successfully prepare for college and confidently navigate a fast-changing world.

Four Shared Visions

  • Preparing students to lead and thrive in a changing world
  • Instilling personal integrity and well-being
  • Inspiring a love of learning through exceptional faculty and staff
  • Creating a distinctive and sustainable learning environment

“Our comprehensive plan helped us align resources, programs, facilities, and practices enabling us to make choices with a well-informed, well-balanced perspective. Our shared visions have guided our decisions as we worked to combine tradition and innovation to create an unparalleled student experience.”

Mark Reed, Head of School