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Weddington Farm

Holiday Farm Fest

A Place of Exploration, Wonder, and Learning 

Nestled in Weddington, NC lies a remarkable 330-acres of land that is a symbol of sustainable agriculture and serves as an expansive outdoor learning lab for our students in grades JK–12.

Donated by Smoky and Margaret Gragg Bissell in 2022, Weddington Farm is an exemplary model of sustainable farming and offers vast and varied natural surroundings, such as wooded expanses with native trees and plants, open natural spaces, and a stream. It includes vegetables, goats, chickens, beekeeping, mushroom farming, and an eight-mile trail system. The diverse landscape offers unique opportunities for experiential education, providing students with hands-on lessons in agricultural education, ecology, biology, environmental science, and much more. 

Studies show that outdoor learning delivers many benefits—from reducing stress and improving moods to boosting concentration and increasing a child's engagement at school. The ability to embed nature and the great outdoors into our curriculum offers today's students a respite from the technology that is intertwined in their daily lives.

Steve WallDirector of Educational Programming

It is a wonderful gift to have a place of natural beauty nearby that can serve as an outdoor classroom for multiple dimensions of learning, exploration, and fun. Programming at our farm is an extension of the philosophy and work that is already happening on our current campuses through our community gardens and greenhouses."

Educational Programming

Weddington Farm is a rarity in the region as one of the few schools with access to such an extensive and dynamic educational resource. The integration of agricultural practices creates a living classroom where students can explore, learn, and appreciate the intricacies of food production and environmental stewardship. Examples of inquiry-based learning include:

  • Exploring a 10-mile nature trail system
  • Harvesting and packing crops with our onsite farmer
  • Testing surface water quality
  • Surveying tree populations
  • Building birdhouses for the property
  • Conducting a bird walk survey
  • Learning about beekeeping and mushroom farming
  • Integrating reading and writing (such as turning pumpkins into beloved book characters in second-grade!)
  • Participating in the operation and optimization of a modern, intensive, small-scale farm.

Impressive Facilities

Our agricultural program boasts key facilities that support the farm's existing production and facilitates the ongoing goal to extend growing throughout the year. Facilities include:

  • Two-acre production farm
  • Project and production barn
  • Pavilion space
  • Two climate-controlled greenhouses
  • Teaching garden
  • Commercial wash and pack station
  • Walk-in cooler


acres of land used as an outdoor learning lab for our students in grades JK-12, offering vast and varied opportunities for experiential education.


varieties and 15 tons of vegetables, fruit, and herbs grown and distributed to our dining halls and area wholesalers.


students in all grades have visited the farm since spring 2023 with programs ranging from agricultural education to blacksmithing to wellness and leadership courses, and more.

Activities at Weddington Farm

Agricultural Education
–Harvesting, washing, packing, canning, herbs, preserving
–Floral Education (growing, arranging, and pressing)
–Plant Propagation (cutting and seed starting)
Bee Education
Bird Box Woodworking
Bird Watching
Cooking and Baking
Arts and Crafts
Environmental Education
Fishing (reel and fly)
Leadership (team Challenge Course)
Livestock (goats, chickens, cattle)
Long-term studies (birds, forestry, and surface water)
Mountain biking
Mushroom Education (foraging and inoculation)
Nature Art (murals and painting)
Poetry and Writing
Raptors and reptiles
School in the Woods
Service Learning
Special Events
Student Affinity Groups
Summer Camps
Tree Identification
Water Testing
Wellness (athletics and counseling)
Yoga and Meditation

Weddington Farm Map

Weddington Farm map