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The swim lessons curriculum at Klein Aquatic Center is designed with a strong emphasis on safety and proper swimming technique. Each level of instruction builds upon the skills learned in the previous one, ensuring a progressive learning experience for the participants.

In level one and two, the focus is on establishing a solid foundation for proper body positioning and safety in the water. Beginner swimmers are guided to become confident and secure in aquatic environments.

As children progress to higher levels, the primary goal remains the safety of the participants while also teaching correct techniques for all four competitive swimming strokes. The curriculum aims to equip each child with the skills needed to swim proficiently and confidently.

To track the progress of each swimmer, a testing process is conducted in the first class. Detailed records of their development are maintained throughout their time at the aquatic center, ensuring a personalized and effective learning journey for every participant.

Level 1

This level is meant for children working on being comfortable in the water, both submerging and being on their back (the safest position for a swimmer in the water) and getting water in their ears. The focus is on learning basic water safety, holding their breath, assisted floating on their back with the proper body position, and sculling on their back. Here the swimmer will gain the confidence they need to develop a love for the water.

Level 2

In this level, swimmers already have comfort in the water, submerging, and being on their back and getting water in their ears. The focus is assisted front float in the proper position, unassisted swimming on the back, and being able to get to safety at the wall after properly getting onto their back after jumping into the pool. The swimmers’ main focus is to understand how to get on the back after entering the pool, where if they need to, can call out for help while keeping their face above the water.

Level 3

In level 3, swimmers are comfortable on their front and back and are now working on floating unassisted on their front. Swimmers are introduced to proper form for flutter kicking, freestyle arms strokes, rolling from the front to back for safety, and deeper water with the sit dive. Swimmers gain more body control to know how to roll on their back for air when trying to swim longer distances.

Level 4

In level 4, the swimmers continue to work on flutter kicking in proper form with a streamline on the front and back. The goal for this level is to swim the front crawl for 5 yards with correct technique, receive instruction on the movement of the backstroke arms, and are introduced to the side breath in freestyle, treading water, and the kneeling dive. Freestyle and backstroke require the legs to move six times faster than the arms. This level can be difficult for a child when everything else we do is in 1:1 timing. Learning proper technique in freestyle and backstroke will help make the swimmer stronger in all the rest of their sills.

Level 5

In this level, the swimmers focus is swimming the freestyle and backstroke in the most efficient manner, starting from the perfect streamline position. In freestyle we work on swimming 10 yards with correct side breathing and continuous kicking. In backstroke, we work on putting together the proper form for the arms while being able to continuously kick for 10 yards. Treading water is refined and completed in a minute. An introduction to the breaststroke and butterfly kicks also takes place at this level, and standing dive is introduced. The development of proper breaststroke and butterfly kick are the foundation of our short axis strokes.

Level 6

Level 6 is the most advanced level. We refine the freestyle and backstroke, building strength and endurance in the swimmers. The arms for breaststroke and butterfly are introduced and then combined with the kick to create the full stroke. In this level, we also introduce flip turns for freestyle and backstroke as well as open turns for breaststroke and butterfly, so that when they move onto our pre swim team level they can refine those skills and continue to build their power and stamina in the pool. After completion of this level, the swimmer will have a strong understanding of the proper technique for all four competitive strokes, where in each stroke, having a proper kick will make them a stronger all-around swimmer.