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After School

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The After School and Summer Programs at Country Day serve students in JK–12 as an extension of the day and the school’s mission and affirmation of community.

Balanced between academic support and extracurricular opportunities, and grounded in the school’s key values of educational excellence, character, community, and service, the program provides additional opportunities for discovery and growth for our students.

Girls on the Run

Home away from home.

While homework and academic support is central and foremost, we understand the developmental needs of students especially in today's society where they are pushed to excel and perform at a very high level at all times of the day. BucsBeyond provides a low-stress place for our students where they can relax, breathe, have fun, be themselves, play with friends, and come home ready for what's next.

Variety. Innovation. Engagement. 

Intentionally structured within our Extended Day Program as well as Summer Programs, and augmented through the enrichment classes and Summer Institute, BucsBeyond extends the classroom day with enrichment in a variety of ways including, athletics, arts, language, STEM, cooking, and more. A place where passions can be developed and explored, BucsBeyond provides a variety of unique experiences that go beyond the curriculum and serve students' passions that can open limitless doors. Through each of these programs, students will find a joyful and inspiring experience where they are known and loved by a quality staff. 

Connection and Community.

BucsBeyond provides opportunities for students to not only create a community beyond their classroom and grade level, but also connect with the broader Country Day community through deliberate and meaningful opportunities. 

Parent Experience

We understand the busy schedules of our families. We strive to make this experience one that is not only beneficial for our students, but also for our parents. Through flexible scheduling, easy pick-up, clear communication, and convenient online registration, the parent experience at BucsBeyond is important.