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The Science Department aims to inspire a life-long love for learning by fostering curiosity and encouraging positive risk-taking. The expectations are to develop critical thinking skills with an appreciation of and respect for an ever-changing world of science.

Through a creative, open-ended, multi-sensory, interdisciplinary curriculum, students become scientifically literate stewards of the environment and humankind. 

Biology I is the core class in the Country Day science curriculum, required of all current students and transfers who have not completed a comprehensive lab course in high school biology. This course develops the skills and lab experience necessary to move on in the sciences. Most students move on to Chemistry and Physics in their sophomore and junior years.

Current students entering 9th grade and students new to the school have the option to take Inquiries in Biological and Physical Science before taking Biology 1. This qualifies as one of the three required years of science for graduation. 

The foundations of Biology I and Chemistry I give students the necessary fundamentals to take on upper level AP and IB sciences. In addition, the science department offers a rich array of electives in the life sciences and physical sciences so that students can pursue their unique interests.

Course Descriptions