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English Language & Literature

The Upper School English curriculum inspires students to understand the power of literature—to instruct, to challenge, to delight, and to transform us. 

Through the daily practice of reading, writing, reflecting, and discussing, students connect with literature, each other, and the world. We believe that thoughtful study of writing and literature aids the development and articulation of a student’s distinct self as well as a deeper understanding of others. In our classrooms, students question, explore, and build their knowledge of themselves and the world around them. 

English 9 and English 10 provide a common foundation for students through the study of a variety of modes of writing and the primary genres of literature – poetry, prose, and drama. In the 11th grade, students pursue one of three paths: English 11 and 12, Advanced Placement, or 
International Baccalaureate. Qualifying students in AP 11 or English 11 may continue to AP 12 or choose from the English 12 half-year courses. Students commencing IB courses in their junior year are expected to fulfill a two-year IB commitment.

Course Descriptions