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Middle School

Fifth–Eighth Grade

On its own distinct campus, Middle School students are guided by teachers who specialize in adolescent education and how to encourage student development through a time of great change.

As they navigate the emotional, physical, and social transition from childhood to adolescence, we prepare our students to take on more responsibility, make good decisions, and see the world through a wider lens. 

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Middle School Boys

Warren SepkowitzHead of Middle School

One of the unique things about Country Day is our separate Middle School campus. While this provides our very own athletic fields and facilities, more importantly, it allows us to elongate childhood for our students in a space where kids can be kids with access to faculty who are specifically focused on the needs of Middle Schoolers in a spacious campus. All of this allows students to gain the skills needed not only to be successful in Upper School but to be great kids.”

As a member of the Country Day Middle School community, each student:

  • Develops leadership, respect, perseverance, and talent by participating in service clubs, special-interest groups, and academic competitions.
  • Attends gender-specific math classes that offer the opportunity to learn in an environment free from stereotypes.
  • Works with an advisor who serves as mentor and advocate, providing both academic and personal guidance.
  • Participates in French, Spanish, and Latin language options.
  • Enjoys a unique opportunity to participate in travel and study exchanges with sister schools in locations throughout the world.
  • Gains hands-on experience with the arts, participating in visual arts, drama, band, orchestra, choir, or general music.
  • Is prepared for a seamless transition to Upper School, carefully facilitated by Middle and Upper School faculty members working in close collaboration.
  • Cultivates time-management, study skills, and self-discipline.


of students in grades 5–8 receive school-issued iPads.


number of PE classes taught each year at the Middle School by six dedicated teachers.


different clubs available to Middle School students, including four Affinity Groups.


global travel experiences offered for students in grades 6–8.


number of facilities dedicated to Middle School students on Bissell Campus, including four athletics fields.


different 7th and 8th grade athletic teams over three seasons.

Aaron MizeMiddle School Drama Teacher

Having a separate campus gives Middle School students an opportunity to stretch their wings and see who they are. It gives them a chance to just be Middle School kids. Being away from the Upper and Lower School students allows them to figure out who they are on this beautiful, tucked-away campus.”

A Glimpse into Middle School