Get Involved! 2019-20 Volunteer Opportunities

There are many opportunities to get involved and volunteer at Country Day. The Parents' Association (PA) and Boosters Club offer all parents—even those with busy schedules—ways to volunteer in a position that best suits their schedule and needs. Some positions require just a few hours, while others are more involved.
Hundreds of volunteers support each of our divisions and affinity groups annually, enhancing the experiences of our students and our faculty. Beyond that, PA and Boosters engagement cultivates friendships and fosters the sense of community that stretches beyond our campuses.
We hope you find this year's new online volunteer sign-up form to be simple and informative. Sign-ups will be open through Tuesday, June 11. 

Sign Up to Volunteer!

We are grateful to those of you willing and able to share your time and talents with Country Day.
Stephanie Timperman, 2019–20 PA President | E-mail
Ann Ricks, 2019–20 Boosters Club President | E-mail