COVID-19 FAQs Today

Are we still partnered with Atrium?

Yes! We are so grateful that Atrium continues to advise our Exposure Management and Contact Tracing Team. Their knowledge of scientific research and data, as well as their attention to national, state, and local trends help to inform our policies and procedures regarding COVID-19.

What screening methods do we use? 

All parents, students, faculty, and staff are reminded weekly to monitor their entire family for symptoms of illness and/or exposures, and stay home as a first step. Then, contact the Nurses to evaluate the return to campus steps. When guests come to campus, they answer the screening questions upon arrival. While the Magnus App is no longer used, the importance of staying home with symptoms remains the same. 

How can I learn about COVID-19 policies, exposures, and information? 

Our COVID-19 webpage has all of the latest information. The dashboard is updated regularly, policies and procedures are outlined, and instructions for reporting symptoms or exposures are easy to find! If a student is ever considered to be a close contact exposure on-campus, the nurses or a member of the Exposure Management Team will call the family with the next steps. Also, a general notification is e-mailed to all families who have a student in a shared space with a positive case. 

What kind of COVID-19 tests does Country Day accept?

We currently do not accept over-the-counter “at home” test results. For diagnostic purposes, we strongly recommend the PCR test if anyone is exposed to a positive COVID-19 case or has symptoms that are consistent with COVID-19. While we do accept rapid tests performed at healthcare facilities, at times a PCR may be required to confirm rapid results.

If employees or students are “fully vaccinated,” do they have to quarantine after a close contact exposure?

We practice multiple prevention strategies to help mitigate the risk of transmitting COVID-19 on campus. Vaccination is one such layer along with masking, physical distance, proper ventilation, etc. Per the CDC and NCDHHS, vaccinated individuals do not necessarily need to quarantine if exposed to a positive case. The nurses and the exposure management team will investigate the details and variables of each case individually and instruct those involved on the expectation for quarantine, testing, and return to school.

Please always reach out to the Nurses if you have any questions or concerns.

Thanks for all you do to keep our community safe!