2021-22 Health Forms

Completing health forms is necessary for the safety and security of our students. We partner with Magnus Health to manage our students' confidential health and medical information, a secure and streamlined process for completing health forms online. 

Every new and returning family needs to visit the online Magnus Health portal to enter each child's health information by the first day of school (August 18) or the first day of sports practice (if a student-athlete). Certain health forms are due as students enter new grade levels or begin athletic participation. Since some forms require a physician's signature, we recommend you start this process early. 

Steps to Complete Your Child's Health Forms:

  1. Log onto the new parent portal from BucsNet to access your health forms.
  2. Select "Complete Your Health Forms for the 2021-22 School Year," which will automatically log you into the Magnus Health Portal.
  3. Follow the prompts and complete the "To Do" tasks for EACH CHILD.
  4. Download and print the forms you need.
  5. Take any necessary forms to your physician to have them completed and signed.
  6. Make a copy of the signed forms for your records and scan and upload (or fax) them to Magnus Health. Do not send forms to Country Day.
  7. If you have technical questions about providing forms to Magnus Health, please contact them directly at service@magnushealthportal.com or call (877) 461-6831 or (919) 502-7689 if calling outside of the US.

Note: Health forms can also be submitted via the Magnus V2 Mobile App on your smartphone or tablet. 

Health Forms that must be submitted to Magnus Health BY August 18 OR First Day of Sports Practice:

  • Photo – clear, current head shot photo uploaded for each student annually.
  • Vital Health Record—online questions are updated annually.
  • Consent to Treat – online questions are updated annually.
  • Physical Exam/Medical History Exam—must be completed by a physician and is required once for all new students and annually for all students in rising grades 7–12.
  • Annual Medication Authorization Form—if a student is allowed to receive over-the-counter medication as needed, this form must be completed and signed by the student's parent and physician annually.
    • Prescription medications do not need additional paperwork – the current (not expired) prescription bottle serves as the doctor’s order.
    • Absolutely no medications will be administered by school personnel or be self-administered without written/authorization.
  • Concussion Awareness Form—all students in grades 7–12 must complete this form annually.
  • Sudden Cardiac Death Awareness Form—all students in grades 7–12 must complete this form annually.
  • Consent to Participate in School Athletics—all students in grades 7–12 must complete this form annually.
  • Media Consent (Athletics)—all students in grades 7–12 must complete this form annually.
  • Immunization Form—required of all NEW students, and all rising 7th and 12th grades only.
  • Diabetes Care Plan, Allergic Reaction Plan, Asthma Action Plan, and Seizure Plan—required only for students with these specific medical conditions. 
  • Medical Risk Assessment – currently required for all students related to the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Compliance Pledge – electronic signature currently required for all students related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Remember: Please do NOT send any forms to the school. All forms need to be uploaded directly to the Magnus Health portal. 

To help ensure health forms are completed by the start of school, you will receive weekly e-mail reminders from Magnus Health notifying you of incomplete items. Simply log into the online Health System and you will find items marked with a "To Do" flag if you need to take action.


Health forms or general health issueshealth@charlottecountryday.org
Technical issues with Magnus Healthservice@magnushealthportal.com or call (877) 461-6831
Trouble logging into the Parent Portal on BucsNet: E-mail bucsnet@charlottecountryday.org