Refer to answers of recent frequently asked questions below:

Q: Do I need to complete my Magnus App every day?

The Magnus App only needs to be completed if you or your child will be on campus for any reason. However, please continue to inform the nurses of any COVID-19 exposures or positives. Faculty and staff need to complete the Magnus App before arriving on campus and get screened at the screening stations communicated by the nurses. 

Q: What are families' expectations during this time regarding COVID-19 precautions and exposure management?

Just as important as it is for faculty, staff, and students to follow the COVID-19 precautions and protocols on campus to mitigate risk, off-campus COVID-19 risk mitigation practices, including mask-wearing, social distancing, and staying home is a key factor to our ability to return to our blended on-campus learning model. Thank you in advance for staying home and staying safe.

Q: Do we have to tell the school if we have a COVID-19 exposure or positive? 

Yes. In order for the school to follow the trends and data, please report all exposures and positives to the nurses ( We also want to be able to support you and your family during these challenging times. 

Q: Can students access campus for materials or IT support?

While students are experiencing remote learning until January 22, the campuses are open. If students need to access their materials, please reach out to their division offices to coordinate pick up times. If students need in-person IT support, call (704) 943-4900 or send an e-mail to to make arrangements.

Q: What if I missed my window to pick up my Lower School remote learning materials?

Please contact your child’s teacher, who will work with the LS office to coordinate an alternate pick-up time.

Q: Why did the school have to transition to the remote learning model?

Due to current COVID-19 conditions in Mecklenburg County, we made the difficult decision to shift to our remote learning model from January 14–22. Our plans needed to respect the county's efforts to keep our community as safe as possible and still work within the successes we have seen with our in-person learning. With numbers rising as they are, we determined that moving to remote learning will provide us the opportunity to see whether our numbers continue to trend below those in Mecklenburg County. Many factors were taken into account, including overall faculty and staff wellness. Our Atrium Health partners confirm that despite the strict measures that Country Day has put in place, the high community spread beyond our school walls increases the likelihood of a school-related outbreak.

Q: Will faculty and staff be on campus?

Both campuses are open during these remote learning days to allow faculty and staff to use the technology, facilities, equipment, and support for remote learning. School operations will function as normal, including food service and child care for faculty and staff. Due to various child care needs at home, some faculty and staff will work remotely. If you need anything from the various offices, please call or e-mail (see contacts below).

Q: Who do I contact if I have a question or need support?

Cannon Campus: Liz Grasty, (704) 943-4711
Bissell Campus: Wendy Barber, (704) 943-4830
After School Hours: E-mail

Lower School

Bill Mulcahy, Head of Lower School, (704) 943-4646
Kato Nims, Director of Studies, (704) 943-4584
Rebecca Patterson, Early Childhood Director, (704) 943-4647
JG Bailey, Director of Lower School Counseling, (704) 943-4612

Middle School

Warren Sepkowitz, Head of Middle School, (704) 943-4822
Tameka Woodard, Director of Studies, (704) 943-4825
Janani Buford, Director of Middle School Counseling, (704) 943-4827

Upper School

Matt Less, Head of Upper School, (704) 943-4671
Tanya Andrysiak, Director of Studies, (704) 943-4591
Samantha Bosco, Director of Upper School, (704) 943-4677

IT Support

Service Portal or send an e-mail to: