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How to Make Healthy Tech Decisions for Your Children

By Bill Mulcahy, Head of Lower School

One of the greatest challenges of modern parenting—perhaps the most commonly cited from parents—is the question of screen time and device usage. How much time is too much? What is the best way to manage devices at home so children can use them safely? When is it okay to get smart devices for your children? Do all of the other kids at school really have what my child is asking for and insists others have?

These questions don’t necessarily have easy answers—what may work for one child may not work for another—but they are a reminder of an important reality—children’s tech use at home, particularly in the elementary years, requires regular and careful monitoring. It’s a challenging reality of modern parenting that our parents didn’t need to worry about a generation ago.

The good news? There are many resources available to parents as they go about supporting and making healthy tech decisions for their children. I recommend Common Sense Media to parents.

Common Sense Media

Most technology wasn't built with kids in mind. We're on a mission to change that. We believe in media that inspires and entertains families of all kinds. In technology that protects privacy and supports communities. In learning tools that prepare students and teachers for success in a connected world. Discover how we're working to make the digital world better for kids and families.”

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