After School at Charlotte Country Day School

As part of our new BucsBeyond programming, After School serves students JK–8 as an extension of the day and the school’s mission and affirmation of community. Balanced between academic support and extracurricular opportunities, and grounded in the school’s key values of educational excellence, character, community, and service, the program provides additional opportunities for discovery and growth for our students.

Why After School?

Home away from home.

While homework and academic support is central and foremost, we understand the developmental needs of students especially in today's society where they are pushed to excel and perform at a very high level at all times of the day. After School provides a low-stress place for our students where they can relax, breathe, have fun, be themselves, play with friends, and come home ready for what's next.

Variety. Innovation. Engagement.

Intentionally structured within our Extended Day Programs and augmented through the enrichment classes, After School extends the classroom day with enrichment in a variety of ways including, athletics, arts, language, STEM, cooking, and more. A place where passions can be developed and explored, After School provides a variety of unique experiences that go beyond the curriculum and serve students' passions that can open limitless doors. Through each of these programs, students will find a joyful and inspiring experience where they are known and loved by a quality staff. 

Connection and Community.

BucsBeyond provides opportunities for students to not only create a community beyond their classroom and grade level, but also connect with the broader Country Day community through deliberate and meaningful opportunities. 

Parent Experience.

We understand the busy schedules of our families. We strive to make this experience one that is not only beneficial for our students, but also for our parents. Through flexible scheduling, easy pick-up, clear communication, and easy online registration, the parent experience at BucsBeyond is important.

Extended Day


  • Program runs August 21, 2019–May 28, 2020.
  • Online enrollment for the 2019–20 school year is due by August 15 (a $25 charge will be assessed on all past due applications). The fee to register is $50 and is due upon enrollment. First month's service will be billed in July.
  • Extended Day starts at 1:15 pm with a choice of dismissal times including 3 pm, 4:30 pm, or 6 pm.
  • Parents can enroll their children from one to five days per week on a monthly basis.
  • Students are always welcome to drop-in as needed. Simply complete the Drop-In Request Form 24 hours in advance. The rate for 2019–20 is $12/hour and payment is billed monthly from Student Billing. 
  • The program operates on a full-day basis during parent conferences and faculty professional days.

Guidelines and Policies

  • To ensure safe student/teacher ratios, we are not able to switch days around during a particular week. Parents must call our office and add days either on a permanent or drop-in basis from week to week.
  • If your child is enrolled in an After School Enrichment Program, you will not be charged for attending Extended Day during that time frame. Please notify the Extended Day Office if your child is enrolled in an After School class to receive a one-time credit.
  • Children are not permitted to attend Extended Day once they've left campus after the regular school day has ended.
  • It is our responsibility to know where each Extended Day child is on any given day at any given time. If your child will not be attending the program for any reason, please notify the office at (704) 943-4648 or e-mail
  • Sign Out—To ensure safety and security, parents must sign out before taking a child from Extended Day. Only parents and those individuals on an authorized list may pick-up your child. A photo ID is required before your child is released. 
  • Field Trips—parents are notified ahead of time of all field trips. We require a parent’s signature on a field trip permission form before a child is allowed to attend. Licensed bus drivers provide transportation, and safety guidelines are strictly enforced. Field trips are usually taken on days that the All-Day program is offered (when classes are not in session).
  • Review the Extended Day Program Agreement.

Payment and Fees


Fees vary depending on the grade level, dismissal time, and days per week contracted for:

After School Enrichment


  • Students can select from classes scheduled from once per week for several weeks to concentrated classes offered daily for a short period of time. The programs range from art, to music, to brain teasers, to sports and healthy living options. 

  • Course offerings are broken down by season:

    • Fall classes run from September through December

    • Winter and spring classes run from January through April

  • Online registration for all classes takes place at the beginning of each semester and early November for the winter classes. Please note: registration is on a first come first served basis. 

  • Registration Waiting List: Each program has a minimum and maximum number of students and we follow a 12:1 student to teacher/coach ratio (ie, once more than 12 students are enrolled, another teacher will be added.) After the maximum enrollment is reached, additional registrants will be put on a waiting list. If someone withdraws prior to the class beginning, the first name on the wait list will be selected and offered a spot to attend the program.


  • Classes are paid in full at time of registration and registrants receive an e-mail confirming program participation. If you do not receive an e-mail, please contact the After School Enrichment Office for assistance.
  • Refunds/Withdrawal: If you need to withdraw your child from a class, do so prior to the first day of class in order to receive a refund. Refunds for withdrawal are not granted after the first day of class.
  • Cancellations: If a class does not meet the minimum number of required students, that class may be cancelled. Parents who have registered their students or themselves for these classes will be notified of its cancellation and full refunds will be provided. Cancellation of a class is at the discretion of Country Day, the contracting company, and the teacher.

Guidelines and Policies

Our classes are designed to be enriching, enlightening, and fun for all who participate, and provides a learning experience that enhances social, intellectual, and emotional growth for all. Please note the following:

  • Students are escorted to and from their class. No student will be left alone either going to or returning from an enrichment class.
  • Please pick up your children on time from their respective classes.
  • Notify the After School Enrichment Office and regular classroom teacher about all carpool changes, as appropriate.
  • If students are absent from school, they may not participate in an After School Enrichment class that day.
  • Contract companies must provide annual Liability Certificates of Insurance to the After School Enrichment Office.
  • Students must adhere to the same rules and regulations of the regular school day.

The After School Enrichment Office will:

  • Provide registration information to all participants and ensure programs are available for registration at the appropriate time.
  • Inform parents, teachers, and students of the registration periods for the programs, including detailed class information.
  • Provide safe and honorable companies and teachers for all of the offered classes. 
  • Provide initial rosters to companies and teachers of the After School Enrichment classes at least two days prior to the start date of the program.


Joe Trifiletti
Director, Extended Day Program
(704) 943-4702

Beverley Johnson
Director, After School Enrichment and 
Extended Day Coordinator
(704) 943-4648

The Cottage
(704) 943-4702