Educational Resources 

Tutoring Options and Enrollment

2022–23 School Year Tutoring

Tutoring throughout the school year provides consistent educational support to strengthen your child’s academic knowledge and study skills, while at the same time empowering them to feel confident, competent, and prepared for the year’s challenges. All of our tutors are experienced and knowledgeable in grade level expectations and are able to individualize instruction based on your child’s learning profile and needs.


  • While we value established tutor-student relationships, scheduling limitations can make it a challenge to honor specific tutor requests, and therefore we cannot guarantee your tutor preference.
  • During the school year, please note that you will be billed for any missed session unless 24-hour notice is provided to the tutor. We realize there may be unexpected absences and in these cases we ask that you notify the tutor before the school day starts.
  • The cost is $70 per session during the summer and $72/session for the 2022–23 school year.
Lower School Only

Families seeking tutoring for their Lower School student will be directed to Lower School Director of ERP, Anna Okrah's, e-mail. This ensures that we honor students' specific needs by communicating about the focus, frequency, and scheduling for tutoring before enrollment takes place. Upon receipt of your e-mail, Ms. Okrah will reach out to share necessary forms and documentation for the enrollment process.  

Middle School Only

Tutoring is typically scheduled during a combination of "free" periods. When feasible, tutoring is scheduled during study halls, however, it may be necessary to schedule tutoring during lunch/recess, computer science (5th grade only), DEAR (Drop Everything And Read–6th grade only), and/or drama (5th and 6th grades only), as well. If you do not wish your child to tutor during one of the above options, please indicate that clearly in the “Comments” section of the form. Please note that restricting any of these options will limit tutoring availability for your child.