Educational Resources

Celebrating diverse learning styles and empowering students to become confident, independent learners

The Educational Resource Program (ERP) assists students in grades junior kindergarten through grade 12 by providing individualized support and comprehensive resources for students, parents, and faculty to build life-long habits and individual achievements. The focus is on helping students successfully navigate Country Day's curricular expectations and maximize academic potential.

Parent Presentations

"Organizing 101: Outside-Inside," by Dr. Craig Pohlman, PhD, Southeast Psych
(Zoom passcode: 24?2am@d)

"Smart but Scattered: Executive Skill Building to Help Kids Reach Their Potential," by Dr. Peg Dawson

Useful Resources

Meet Our Office

Ginna Clute
Director of Educational Resource Program
(704) 943-4587 (Cannon Campus)
(704) 943-4835 (Bissell Campus)

Pryor Rayburn
Director, Lower School Educational Resource Program
(704) 943-4550

Laura Hayes 
Director, Middle School Educational Resource Program
(704) 943-4835

Lauren Folger-Sweeting
Director, Upper School Educational Resource Program
(704) 943-4773