2020-21 School Year Planning

We are maintaining the current 2020–21 academic calendar and planning to return to campus on August 19. Students in each division will attend classes in a potentially modified manner to match the social distancing and PPE requirements to meet the needs of different ages of learners. 

At this point in time, based on the current state and national guidelines and health recommendations, modifications are being developed to be on-campus. We are being realistic about the possibility of spikes and intermittent transitions from on-campus learning to online learning and preparing for all options and transitions. Depending on the growth of the pandemic, and in compliance with all government restrictions and health guidelines, we will be ready to adjust to a variety of scenarios. Those scenarios include the following and all work toward the full return to normal campus activities.

  1. Our most focused efforts and intentions aim for in-person, on campus instruction with health and safety modifications in place.
  2. Additionally, understanding that if public health conditions do not permit continuous on campus learning, we have a separate strategy for a blended learning model that will give us greater capacity for social distancing and other measures to limit the virus spread.
  3. And, if we are unable to do either in person or blended learning, we will deliver instruction remotely.

The school is committed to accommodating students, faculty, and staff who need to operate remotely due to being in a high-risk category related to COVID-19. Please complete the questionnaire in your Magnus Health Portal to indicate this need. 

Guiding Principle

Please know that our mission, values, and affirmation of community guide this work while we work to mitigate risk to our community given the current global pandemic. We are committed to upholding Country Day’s excellence across all of our plans and prepared to transition through them when and if the situation necessitates. 

Planning Process

As referenced in earlier communications, our Emergency Planning Team has focused on school management since late February at the outset of the pandemic. The group continues to meet weekly, but in the past month has turned its focus on reopening school for the 2020–21 school year. Subcommittees are in place to study and make recommendations in key areas of campus operations, such as school health policies and protocols, educational delivery, professional development, student and campus safety, extracurricular activities, and parent education, to name a few. At this time, they are analyzing information and getting input from numerous sources, including medical professionals, city planners, and peer school organizations.

Communications and Timing 

  • An e-mail will be sent the week of June 29 with updates and results of the planning taking place. Subsequent e-mails will come out July 15 and July 31.
  • Weekly updates will be posted on this website and on social media every Monday starting in July.
  • Weekly e-mails will begin in August from the division heads.
  • Any changes to the learning model will be communicated by an e-mail from Mark Reed as well as a phone call and text message.  

Three Options

Preparing for Interruptions

If public health conditions do not permit on campus learning, we have a plan to maximize in-person learning while giving us greater capacity for social distancing and other measures to limit virus spread. Faculty will utilize tools and best practices to serve our students best through any disruptions and transitions that may occur through the year. If that data is either unavailable or insufficient, the school will make our decisions for which learning model based on the number of COVID-19 related cases and hospitalizations given to us by the county at a given time.

Blended Learning

Blended Learning creates opportunities for social distancing AND in-person instruction where on-campus operations resume at a limited schedule (2/3-days a week), with restrictions imposed by public health authorities and following recognized health and safety best practices, while continuing online instruction on the other days. The school is committed to accommodating students, faculty, and staff who need to operate remotely due to being in a high-risk category related to COVID-19.

Online Learning

If for public health reasons, students and faculty must continue with full remote operation, Country Day’s online learning model blends synchronous (live) instruction with asynchronous (accessible anytime) instruction in the most developmentally appropriate ways to meet the needs of our students and faculty.

Partnership and Trust

Thank you for everything you are doing to support Country Day and serve our students. It is indeed a challenging and uncertain time, and we have been so grateful for your commitment, as well as your patience and flexibility. What makes Charlotte Country Day School, Country Day is not just our physical campus, or our history, or our traditions… above all else, it is our community. No matter what the start of next year looks like, we will remain strong because of the dedicated service and incredible partnership of so many of you. If you have any questions, please never hesitate to reach out to us.