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We continue to increase our capacity to livestream athletics events from our campus. Other schools in our conference also stream events, so spectators are able to watch our Bucs even when they are on the road. 

Event Schedule

Updated October 12
Tuesday, October 12

JV Boys Soccer vs. Cannon School, 5:15 pm (NFHS bucs.link/watch)
Varsity Boys Soccer vs. Cannon School, 7 pm (NFHS bucs.link/watch)
JV Volleyball at Cannon School, 4:30 pm (https://events.locallive.tv/school/cannonschool)
Varsity Volleyball at Cannon School, 5:45 pm (https://events.locallive.tv/school/cannonschool)
Varsity Girls Tennis at Cannon School, 4:15 pm (https://events.locallive.tv/school/cannonschool)

WEDNESDAY, October 13

MS Football at Providence Day, 4:30 pm ((12) PD Sports Network - YouTube)

THURSDAY, October 14

JV Volleyball vs. Latin, 4:30 pm (YouTube bucs.link/bucssportslive)
Varsity Volleyball vs. Latin, 5:45 pm (YouTube bucs.link/bucssportslive)
JV Boys Soccer vs. Latin, 4:15 pm (13) charlotte latin athletic - YouTube)
Varsity Boys Soccer vs. Latin, 7 pm (13) charlotte latin athletic - YouTube)
JV Football vs. Christ School, 6:00 pm (NFHS bucs.link/watch)

FRIDAY, October 15

Varsity Football vs. Christ School, 7 pm (NFHS bucs.link/watch)

NFHS Network

NFHS Network (Belk Stadium)

Effective September 1, livestream events from Belk Stadium using the NFHS Network will require a subscription.

Monthly Pass: $10.99/month (cancel anytime)
Annual Pass: $69.99/year

All passes include:

  • Full access to live regular season and post-season sporting events, home and away
  • Immediate access to events when they are available On Demand
  • Support for participating schools.

How to View Home Events on the NFHS Network

  1. Visit www.nfhsnetwork.com
  2. Search for and select “Charlotte Country Day School” in the “Browse” field at the top of the page.
  3. On our school profile page, click the “Follow” button. 
  4. Find and click on the event you are looking to watch. Streamed events are available live and also on demand once they are complete.

Coming Soon!

HUDL Focus (Belk Stadium and Dowd Field)

Coming soon! We are partnering with Hudl Focus, which provides the ability to stream any recordings to the BucsSports YouTube channel for free—no subscription needed! Hudl streams will be available on bucs.link/bucssportslive.