Drama begins in junior kindergarten and continues all the way through Upper School. Our Lower School students perform in grade-level class plays, and our Middle and Upper School students produce separate full-scale productions and musicals, as well as compete in area competitions.

Third grade students perform in a play

Lower School

Lower School drama is dedicated to providing students with a dynamic and fun introduction into the world of theatre and teaching them the joys and techniques of being a great performer on and off the stage. Our students begin performing in front of peers, parents, and faculty as young as junior kindergarten. All students participate in a production in every grade, and by fourth grade, every class participates in its own play. Each stage production advances students' understanding of their presence on stage, character development, and the intricate yet fun ways music and dance are incorporated into theatre.

Middle School students perform in the Sound of Music

Middle School

In the Middle School, drama courses focus on improvisation, character development, creative scene work, scene-writing techniques, and film. All Middle School students are encouraged to audition for two theatre productions presented in the fall and spring.

Upper School

Upper School students focus more selectively on their dramatic interests and are offered opportunities to be involved both in curricular and extracurricular settings. More in-depth theatrical courses are offered, such as acting skills, movement for actors, acting and production concepts, musical theatre, and more. Classes are taught in our state-of-the-art Black Box Theater and dance room.

Upper School Musical: Catch Me if You Can

Three theatre productions are scheduled throughout the year, which often win awards: a fall one-act play, which is taken to competition, a winter musical, and a spring play. In addition to acting on stage, opportunities abound for students to be involved behind the scenes in technical theatre.

Upper School drama performance

Theater Productions

Third Grade Play

All Lower School students participate in a production in every grade.