Each year, the Alumni Association honors alumni and faculty who have distinguished themselves through exceptional service to the school.

Alumnus/a of the Year Award

The highest honor conferred by the school, the Alumnus/a of the Year Awards is presented annually to an alumnus/a who has distinguished his/herself by making outstanding contributions through their field of work, have shown exceptional dedication to and support of Charlotte Country Day School, and have demonstrated concern for and service to their community.

Award recipients are selected based upon one or more of the following criteria; they have:

  • Distinguished themselves through extraordinary achievements in scholarship, civic engagement, their profession, or creative activities.
  • Made outstanding contributions to the welfare and advancement of Country Day and the communities of which they are a part.
  • Demonstrated exceptional acts of philanthropy, service, and dedication to our school
Previous Award Winners
2017 Mary Claudia Belk Pilon '92
2016 Amy Fonville Owen '81
2015 Todd A. Gorelick '82
2014 L. Watts Hamrick III '77
2013 Derick S. Close '77
2012 Louis A. Bledsoe III '77
2011 Robert T. Dooley III '79
2010 Clarice Cato Goodyear '64 and Dent Goodyear '64
2009 Samuel E. '82 and Melinda (Hardin) '81 Koenigsberg
2008 Frank D. Whitney '78
2007 Rodney C. Pitts '64
2006 No award given
2005  C. Marshall Mills '82 
2004  Molly Wilmer Barker '78
2003  William C. Chapman '76
2002  Thomas M. Belk, Jr. '73
2001  Cammie Robinson Hauptfuhrer '74
2000  Terri R. Martin '83
1999  Anne Tracy Emerson '88
1998  Eric W. Law '76
1997  Gretchen Marsh Carpenter '58
1996  H. Wilson Glasgow, Jr. '62
1995  Mildred Dalton Cox '66
1994  John T. Fielder, Jr. '68
1993  Nina Dooley McLean '77
1991/92 W. Frank Dowd IV '74
1990  John W. Baynard '72
1989  C. Rex Welton '58
1988 Sarah Porter Boehmler '61
1987  Ross S. McElwee III '66
1986  Sara Harris Bissell '56
1985 Patricia O'Herron Norman '65, Sally Cannon Saussy '67
1984 John W. Harris '65
1983  Elizabeth Smith White '55
1982  Beth Brown Boyd '63, Duncan Morton, Jr. '58
1981  John Scott Cramer '49, Craig A. Gillen '70, Mary Cosby Rinehart '57

Alumni Service Award

The Charlotte Country Day School Alumni Service Award is presented by the Alumni Association to alumni who have demonstrated extraordinary service to Country Day through the Alumni Association and provided outstanding volunteer leadership in support of the Alumni Association's mission of engaging, connecting, and celebrating.

Award recipients are selected based upon one or more of the following criteria:

  • Extraordinary service to Country Day through the Alumni Association (Alumni Council, Class Agent program, other alumni committees and related groups)
  • Leadership roles assumed through the Alumni Association; achievements in developing and enhancing alumni-related activities
  • Exceptional contributions of time and expertise, as a part of his or her volunteer service on behalf of Country Day
Previous Award Winners
2018 Caroline McGuire Winslett '92
2017 Kelly Walton Miller '90 and Kristen Walton Wester '93
2016 Stevenson M. Vaughn '84
2014 Patrick L. Hobson '89
2001 Martin D. Welton '87
2000 Meredith Hamrick Bell '74
1999 Frederick E. Gray Jr. '93
1998 Lucinda Nisbet Lucas '74
1997 Craig L. Hill '77
1996 Nethea Rhinehardt '89
1995 K. Dale Owen Jr. '78
1994 Caroline W. Doyle '88

Alumni Association Distinguished Faculty Award

The Distinguished Faculty Award is presented to a member of the faculty who has made outstanding and unselfish contributions to Charlotte Country Day School and has significantly influenced our students.

Award recipients are selected based upon one or more of the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate a genuine passion for learning and teaching and an active, caring belief in students.
  • Inspire enthusiasm for learning in and out of the classroom
  • Are committed to helping students shape personal values, develop their talents and interests, and broaden their perspectives
  • Consistently go above and beyond the call of duty in service to the school
Previous Award Winners
2017 Tom Fredenberg
2016 Bob Plyler
2015 Win Robinson
2014 Clare Walton
2013 Martha Newson
2012 Kathy Babula
2011 Wanda Davis
2010 Brad Touma 
2009 Kevin Daly
2008 Millie Cox
2007 Ron Curtin
2006 Marsha Newton-Graham
2005 Jean Merchant
2004 Florence Chapman, Nancy Cox
2003 Ted Koskores
2002 Merrie Jane Pierce
2001 Frank Justice
2000 Susan Saunders
1999 David Ball
1998 Doodle Smith
1997 Carol Morris
1996 Mary Todd
1995 Sallye Richards
1994 Rob Williams
1993 Martha Woods
1992 Rick Stack
1991 Gary Forbis
1990 Horton Reed
1989 Sammy Yopp
1988 Dynva Reed
1987 Ed Kelly
1986 Jackie Hunter
1985 John Bristor
1984 Margaret Gragg
1983 Louise Cobb
1982 Jo Hassett
1981 Gisele Shumake
1980 Norma Mackenzie
1979 Virginia Abernethy
1978 Mark Hagerman
1977 John Cook
1976 Mary Jones
1975 Dolly Hickman
1974 Wayne Murrah
1973 Frances Hyatt

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