A Tradition of Appreciation
Upper school students talking to lower school class

In a joint effort between the US public speaking class, Office of Advancement, and Lower School, freshmen Kennedy Wallace and Mili Smith recently presented their demonstration speeches for third graders.

Lower schoolers learned the importance of thank you notes as they wrote simple notes of appreciation to our Country Day volunteers and donors.  Kennedy and Mili shared a formatting guide used by the former fourth-grade teacher, Libby Helms, for many years.  We greatly appreciate our lower school teachers Amie Miller, Molly Hefner and Stacy Lynch for making this possible!

student on the phone

Days later, the entire public speaking class took a field trip to the Levine building, where they worked on adding enthusiasm to their voices by SMILING while making thank you calls to alumni.  Some students talked to graduates from just five years ago, others were from the 1970s.  Students practiced cold calling, which is when you call someone you don’t know, but try to engage in a conversation with them.  In this case, the conversation was simply to thank our alumni for their participation in the Country Day Fund.  The students said thank you and explained some of the ways the Fund helps out the school.  They then tried to engage the alumnus in conversation about what they enjoyed during their time at Country Day.  

This exercise helped students hone their ability to converse with strangers while doing a service for the school. If you were not lucky enough to get a call this time around, don’t worry. It is a tradition we intend to keep going for many years. 

Guidelines from Libby Helms