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The Country Day community is proud to honor and recognize the men and women who have sacrificed to serve and protect our country in the United States military, including our alumni. 

Every day, Middle School students pass the Military Wall, which pays tribute to more than 30 Country Day men and women who have served or are currently serving in our armed forces. Located in the Dowd Science Building on Bissell Campus, the Military Wall was created in 2016, thanks to Head of Middle School Warren Sepkowitz, long-time Country Day teachers and coaches Art Hoffman and Mike Hennessey, and former parent Mary Engel.

Veterans Wall

Learn more about the Military Wall in this podcast, featuring Art Hoffman, Mike Hennessey, and Captain Jeff Gaddy '98, USMC, Retired. 

Listen to this podcast of Director of Alumni Relations Drew Witman and his conversation with Jeff Gaddy about his time at Country Day and his military career in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Special Thanks to our Alumni

Special thanks to the following alumni who have either served or continue to protect our country and keep us safe:

Reid Ashe '66
Charles Randolph Willard '66
Charles Conner '64
Bill Brabson '66
Gene Lucas '66
Martin Lucas '68
Phillip Jones '71
Frank Whitney '78
Elizabeth (Lisa) Tarner Howard '83
Phil Dee '83
Randy Pharr '86
Mark Hosmer '87
Scott Jacobs '87
Eric Strumpf '89
Stephen Cole '91
Richard Worrell '91
Marc Deshaies '94
Marc Lovelace '95
Aaron Cantley '96
Brandon Gorman '96
Art Pue '96
Elizabeth (Liz) Ladley Greene '96
Andy Jonas '97
Jeff Gaddy '98
M. Taylor Jones '98
Ralls Finch '99
Bart Allen '00
Dianne Roach Hess '00
Reynolds Clark '02
Josh Neal '02
Heath Alexander '04
John Pitts '04
Flynt Rudolph '04
George Hodgin '05
Henry Gass '06
Ben Keating '06
John Petrone '06
Ashley Rhinehardt Sarratt '06
Roddey Dowd '06
Hugh Palmer '08
Kip Haddock '09
Hill Hamrick '09
Nic DeLuca '10
Paul "Buddy" Evans '11
Patrick Brady '13
Jay Hanckel '13
Cody Mendelow '14
Shep Wilson '15
Patrick Dellinger '18
Daniel Andreou '18
Taylor Lafar '21