Affording Country Day

Below is an overview of expenses to anticipate, the financial aid process, and questions frequently asked. If you have additional questions about the financial aid program, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail the Admissions Office. Thank you for considering a Country Day education for your family.

Applying for Assistance

Country Day works with the School and Student Service by NAIS (SSS). This organization provides Country Day with a confidential statement of need based upon the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS), an application for financial aid completed by the parent. You may also find the Family Guide to Financial Aid helpful. By using SSS procedures, Country Day agrees to certain principles:
  • Financial aid awards will be made without regard to race, color, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnic origin.
  • Financial aid will be determined on the basis of the need of the family.
  • The financial aid process is totally confidential.
  • The parents of each applicant must submit annually the financial statement required by SSS.

Financial Aid Application Documentation Requirements

The following items are required of all financial aid applicants to determine financial need:
  • Copy of your most recent 1040 income tax returns with original signatures.
  • Business/Farm Statement and Corporate Tax Return/Schedule C/Schedule F (as needed).
  • Copy of W-2 Forms.
  • Copy of most recent pay stub.

Expenses to Anticipate

In addition to tuition, students will have a few additional expenses, depending on their grade level. Personal expenses vary from student to student. Lunch is an optional expense at all grade levels and costs about $4/day. The following provides an estimate of yearly expenses:
  • Lower School: $25-$125 (supplies, field trips based on grade level)
  • Middle School: $300-$600 (books, field trips based on grade level)
  • Upper School: $450-$700 (books and technology)

Payment Schedules

An Enrollment Deposit of 10% of tuition is required at the time of enrollment. This amount is credited to the total tuition due. Families in application for financial aid pay a reduced deposit, which is refundable if the financial aid award is not substantial enough to enable the child to attend.
There are three payment plans to pay the remainder of the tuition:
  • Two equal installments to be paid in July and January,
  • A 10-month payment plan can be set up with an automatic bank draft, or
  • The full tuition can be paid by July 15.

Divorced, Separated, or Never-Married Parents

Financial aid is based on the family's ability to pay as demonstrated by the information submitted in the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS). Both custodial and non-custodial parents (regardless of legal settlements) who are divorced, separated, or never married are expected to contribute to educational costs and are required to submit the PFS. In exceptional cases, where one parent cannot comply, the custodial parent should submit a written explanation. Lack of information from either parent may prevent the family from receiving financial aid.

Important Dates

Financial aid applications and all supporting documentation must be submitted by February 1. Decisions about awards are made by the beginning of April. Families have two weeks to accept the award with the return of a Parent Financial Aid Agreement signed by the financially responsible parent and the student receiving the award.

Annual Renewal

Financial aid awards are made for one year. Parents must complete a PFS each year and send it to the SSS in accordance with the application schedule outlined. Unless there is a significant change in annual income or available assets, parents can normally expect the level of assistance to be continued from year to year if the student's performance at Country Day meets the expectations of the Financial Aid Committee.

Full and Partial Endowed Scholarships

Country Day has a variety of endowed scholarships awarded by the school to qualified applicants based on financial need as determined through the School and Student Service (SSS). Review a full list of scholarship offerings.

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Financial Aid Facts

  • About 16.5% of the Country Day student body receives financial aid; 278 students receive $4.5 million in financial assistance, with an average award of $12,000.
  • The last four years of graduates receiving financial aid include recipients of Morehead-Cain and Park Scholarships, military academy appointments, and student-athletes playing at Division I, II, and III colleges and universities.
  • The Financial Aid Committee keeps all financial information confidential.
  • Financial aid is available to students of any race, color, gender, creed, and national or ethnic origin.


If you have questions about tuition or financial aid, please contact:
Nancy Ehringhaus
Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
(704) 943-4531 | E-mail