Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders, Thinkers, and Doers

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Educating students today is considerably different that it was at the time of our school's founding in 1941. For more than 75 years, Country Day has been dedicated to excellence in education and continuous improvement. That tradition continues as we live out our strategic visions to make every student Country Day Ready to lead, think, and do.

The formal process of strategic planning helps us to define our shared goals, determine actions to achieve those goals, mobilize resources to successfully implement them, and holds us accountable to assessing our progress. As a community, we remain committed—from one generation to the next—to make our graduates Country Day Ready to lead, think, and do.

Four Shared Visions

Our four shared visions ensure that embedded within the curriculum and core academic programming our students are also learning necessary skills like critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration, resiliency, initiative, strong written and oral communication, and the ability to access and analyze information. Through programs and technology, we expand the classroom beyond our campus, and we are committed to fully supporting innovative and creative academic programming through the enhancement of campus facilities.

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Board Led. 
Community Involved. 
Student Focused.

The Strategic Planning process began in the fall of 2011. We began by asking questions. We asked the Country Day community about our most valued qualities and traditions, our priorities for the future, and how a fast-changing world affects those priorities. Then we listened. The collective insight, intelligence, and imagination of our community affirmed the qualities we value most about Country Day and helped shape four shared visions, which guide us daily in our mission to give students the skills they need to successfully prepare for college and confidently navigate a fast-changing world.

Download the Strategic Plan Update brochure.